Summer Jobs in India | Part-time jobs in India

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Yes,Summer jobs & Part-time jobs are the need of this hour especially during these time of economic downturn.Companies are looking to hire such workers to cut down on cost rather than employing permanent workers.So,how does one get hold of such jobs?

Since most companies have cut down on advertising costs,you cant expect much on newspaper ads.The best way is to approach the company/shops directly.Here are some tips which would help you in your search for summer jobs:

*Prepare a list of shops/companies to approach

*Understand the kind of business they are into & analyze if your interests are inline before meeting them directly.

*Speak politely to the front office/reception & get an appointment with the HR person/Manager.Make them understand you are looking for partime jobs only,some will bluntly ask you to leave on giving your resume.

*On meeting the concerned person,bring out the positive points in employing partimers.Show interest in working for that company & if possible, let them how know how you can bring more customers.

*Finally,Dont expect huge salaries.Remember you are a part-timer and most importantly the current job situation.Its the Experience which counts for your future.

There are a plenty of summer opportunities in various companies across various sectors.Some of our suggestions would be Supermarkets,Collection agents in Banks,Store helpers etc.,Demand is high,problem is nobody wants to try these out.

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saumya krishna said...

I am keen to look forward for part time teaching in computers. I have done MCA from IGNOU University with 73%.