No Final Ranks says IBPS;Complains to Cybercrime About Websites

bank final score ranks,bank preference ranking,ibps po clerk ranks,no ranks for ibps bank jobs Guess what kept candidates busy after final combined scores for PO recruitment were out on IBPS website.They flocked onto social networks asking - What is my rank? Thanks to some bank job related websites who started circulating lists called as candidate rankings.Complaints have been lodged against such properties says an official from IBPS. contacted the institute to clarify doubts continually raised by candidates over ranks, eligibility & allotment process.Dr.A.K.Konar set things straight with his replies.


There are No Ranks At All

Soon after the final results were out a specific website had created a separate page revealing personal details of applicants.Here is a conversation between two people in an online discussion forum,

#1: My roll number is xxxxxxx.What is my rank?

#2: I checked the list.Your AIR (all India rank) is 8375 & chances are bright.

The #2 person became an instant hit & continued providing opinions for others.


While some aspirants question the authenticity of such claims many are still busy running from one pillar to other trying to know their final ranks.


Allotments are only through merit & IBPS has not awarded any type of ranks to qualifiers, said the divisional head.


With this confirmation we believe people shall stop inquiring their position & guess others` status.


Website Owners Warned

Recently more websites started releasing similar lists containing candidate`s name, roll number & so called ranks.


Either those data could have been hacked or could be mere assumptions which we are unsure of.But IBPS is taking strict note of the happenings. cybercrime arrest hacking


Terming the practice as ‘unethical’, he said

‘Webmasters should be careful of what they host on sites.If not, they’ll have to face situations as per law.’

Disclosing few sitenames, we were told that complaints have been filed with the Police (Cyber crime cell).


Merit Followed by Preference

To get a clear picture on the process of preference and its effect on allotments, we requested for the detailed procedure.


The key highlights from his responses are:

  • A person with high score is sure to get the bank of his/her choice.
  • If there are no vacancies in their 1st preferred bank, its checked with 2nd choice then 3rd & so on.
  • In this manner the top 22412 candidates shall get bank jobs.
  • Since the validity of scores is 1 year there could be drop-outs & new vacancies announced.
  • In such cases a waiting list shall be prepared from the remaining qualified candidates, he explained.

On the possibility of releasing score ranges, ‘No’ was the answer.


60% in Degree Required?

Websites that showcased their predictions about selection made many eligibility criteria for bank exams,who are eligible to apply for bank jobs,uniform eligibility conditions for bank jobs,no seperate eligiblityassumptions & instilled the ‘eligibility criteria’ fear among candidates.


Needless to say about its impact after reading, many are facing sleepless nights with the doubt -

Will banks ask for 60% marks in graduation after allotment?

‘Banks will not announce additional eligibility conditions hereafter as all participating organisations shall follow the same criteria specified during CWE’ was the reply we got on posing the above question.


So the official word from IBPS is – PSB`s wont demand for 55% or 60% after appointment.It is enough if you had passed in graduation.


Although you can rejoice now, only those with 60% marks in UG may be eligible for the next IBPS PO common exam (see who can apply for bank exams in 2013)

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Unknown said...

Thanx have cleared many doubts ragarding selection procedure.

Anonymous said...

thank u sir 4 ths i too crackd PO n intially told my frnds abt that thse rankings r nt by IBPS bt nw thy r saying i was rite