SBI Clerk Exam Marketing & Computer Aptitude Guide [Review]

sbi clerk practice solved papers book review,sbi clerk exam practice questions paper books,how to practice for SBI clerk exam 2014The countdown for SBI clerk recruitment 2014 online examination shall start soon after admit cards are issued.This hiring exercise of 5000 clerical vacancies in State bank of India it is one of the largest by a single bank in recent times.The tests are to be held from 2nd week of July to end of August.


We know many would be busy preparing for the upcoming SBI clerk exam.By now most of you might have moved onto revisions as a month has passed after registrations.


Easy Scoring Areas in SBI Clerk Exam

The SBI clerical online objective test carries a total of 200 marks with questions from 5 papers. Among them - Computer/Marketing Aptitude & General awareness are considered the easiest subjects to fetch marks.


Both the sections comprise of 40 questions, each carrying 1 mark.So if you answer all the questions correctly, 80 marks is guaranteed.


Since these sections are theory oriented and mostly contain definitions, the time taken to attend is also very less.


What’s inside the book?

marketing aptitude computer knowledge sbi clerk book The book that we are reviewing today is “Computer, Marketing Aptitude and General Awareness with Banking for SBI Clerk” from Disha publication.It is currently being sold for Rs.90. Buy now


It is divided into 3 sections – Computer knowledge, Marketing aptitude, Banking knowledge/General awareness.


The publishers have also provided solved questions of 2 SBI clerk exams & 2 SBI PO exams in the above areas.


Computer Aptitude:

Banks have started using computer technology extensively with all transactions being carried out via terminals.This makes it necessary for the employees to be proficient in computer operations as well.

This book teaches you on the basics of computer systems including its history, development, hardware, software, programming languages, operating system, internet etc.,

You will also learn about the important terms & abbreviations, which are now being constantly asked in bank exams.


Marketing aptitude:

marketing aptitude computer knowledge sbi clerk book review Clerical staff have to interact with customers directly and may have to market the bank`s products and services to them.


Infact, State bank of India in their recruitment advertisement itself had emphasized the need for clerks to indulge in marketing activities.


This material explains about the marketing concepts through 5 chapters that include promotional strategies, prices etc.,


The topic ‘marketing in baking industry’ will be useful not only for your SBI clerk preparations but also while on job.It describes about the latest happenings in banking sector, types of accounts, online/sms banking etc.,


Banking Awareness:

Take any banking exam, this topic is one of the most important part in a written test.It shall contain questions about history of banks,rules, dates and years, functions, rates, figures etc.,


The only minus in this section was it didn’t contain lot of content. Most of the questions are given in exercises that follow after every chapter.Since G.K is one area that changes constantly, the publisher may have purposely left off certain chapters.


A useful guide for candidates

The concepts are explained in simple English making it easy even for a first-time learner to understand them. Along with answer key, explanations are also furnished for each question.

Overall, the book is definitely worth for the price of Rs.90.

Computer/ Marketing & General Awareness for SBI Clerk – Rs.90 – Buy Online


If you are looking to strengthen your knowledge in Computer, Marketing & Banking awareness for SBI clerk exams 2014, this should be a book to trust.

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