The Best Book to Prepare for Banking Awareness [Review]

banking awareness book reviews The number of young graduates appearing for bank exams in India is steadily increasing every year.But many are new to banking sector due to their technical degree background such as BE/ Btech/ MSc etc., Such candidates will have to understand about the working of financial institutions as questions from this field are being asked in IBPS common exams under a section called Banking awareness.


Some of the common questions in bank job interviews are:

Why did you choose to work in a bank,

What do you know about Indian banks &

Words used in financial sector

Hence it is necessary for all those preparing bank exams (IBPS, SBI, RBI) to possess a basic knowledge about the Indian banking scene.But it may be difficult for you to compile all the required information along with latest developments & use them for preparations.



This is where, a book like Banking Awareness from Disha publication would lend you the helping hand.Buy it online for Rs.110


Read our detailed review of this study material.


Contains A to Z about Indian Banks:

The publishers have made sure to provide as much material possible in one single book.Right from the history of banks to the present situation of economy & modern banking, it covers all the relevant topics.


In financial industry, there are many words to describe a certain service or product.


Candidates are tested on their knowledge of these terms, which are widely covered throughout the book.

For example,

Revolving credit is a type wherein the same credit is revolved many times without entering into new contract.

banking-awareness-book-review-1 The other important topics that form part of this reference guide which you need to pay attention are:

  1. Banking Laws
  2. Organizational structure of banks
  3. Customer relationship
  4. Types of accounts, deposits, credit & advances
  5. Functions of RBI, RRB, PSB & Co-operative banks
  6. Modern trends
  7. Indian budget 2014 -15 & its key features

What I liked is the content presentation which gives a text book feel with highlighted headings, point wise definitions & straightforward explanations.Such a layout helps the reader to take notes, marks important areas & refer again during revision.


Previous year Questions:

Normally the previous year’s solved question papers are put in one go but this guide banking-awareness-book-review-previous-solved-paperstakes a different approach.


After each topic, there are ‘Past Exercises’ under which the questions asked in previous bank exams are given along with the year & name of that exam.


Then you have the regular Practice Exercises with even more questions for practice.


Improve your Banking Knowledge for Rs.110

Questions on Banking Awareness are being asked in Clerk & PO exams that carry 40 marks.Similarly you would asked about various terminologies used in banking sector in bank interviews.This book shall be your one stop guide to prepare for both.


Banking Awareness for all bank exams – Rs.110 – Buy online now


This edition being the latest covers all the latest developments in the current year. Hence you can be sure of the content as it is up-to-date & shall be useful for all the upcoming bank exams.

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