IBPS PO IV Interviews: 49000 Candidates to Fight for 25000 Jobs

ibps common interviews selection,IBPS po common interviews selection marks, The results of IBPS PO recruitment exam were released few days back.While it was good news for some, many were not too happy to know their inability to clear the test.Since the selection process is mid-way, the next big hurdle for qualifiers is the common interview.This would be the final step for being allotted as PO in public sector bank.


The institute of banking personnel selection has been conducting common interviews for PO jobs for the past two years.This has eliminated the need to appear for individual bank interviews making the selection process less time consuming & more streamlined.


23,000 PO Jobs Expected:

IBPS has not yet announced the list of vacancies for the year 2015-16 officially.It should be released after the interviews or probably in the month of February or March 2015.


But according to the data collected from the previous years recruitments, you can expect around 22,000 – 24,000 posts for IBPS PO IV recruitment as vacancies this year.IBPS PO job vacancies 2015,how many bank jobs in upcoming years,IBPS PO common interview selections,common interviews for IBPS po


See the image to know about how many positions were created in the year 2013 & 2014.


If you had a question on how many bank PO jobs were created during the last 2 years, here is the answer:


So, there is a very high chance for the number of officer posts to remain similar like previous years.Candidates shall get to know the exact number of openings in each bank only after the interviews are completed.


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49000 candidates: Good chance for you!

Yes, you heard it right.There is a very good chance of selection for all the 49,000 candidates who were declared as qualified in the IBPS PO written test, provided they make good use of it.


Since only 23,000 vacancies are to be announced, the ratio of selection comes down to 1:2 or 1:3.It means, for each post, either 2 or 3 candidates shall compete.


Do you think its hard to outrank the other two people if you perform well in the common interviews?


But there is a Problem:

bank job interviews, how to prepare for ibps po common interviews,how to crack ibps po interviewsAlthough the possibility to rise above others seem possible, you should also remember the following point.


The final allotments will be made only to those who rank high as per their combined scores (exam + interview)



Incase you don’t posses the qualifying score in the interview stage, you could be completely disqualified from the race.


Since the interview cutoffs wont be declared in advance, candidates are to perform really well & impress the panel to secure good marks.


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