How to Prepare for SBI PO Exam From Home | Few Days Left !!

how to prepare for sbi po exam from home,SBI PO self study,SBI PO study plan,SBI PO study plan for working peopleIt is no big task to register for banking exams but getting ready for it will create jitters for  many.Ever since the SBI PO 2015 recruitment was announced,candidates especially those who are currently employed in other companies contacted us with one common question – How to prepare for SBI PO exam from home?


Few of you might have joined coaching institutes but you will continue preparing even after reaching home.right? So we are here to provide you with some tips on preparing for SBI PO exam from home.


Before anything else, preparation is the key to success - Alexander Graham Bell


Create a Timeplan

Are you a working person & will reach home only in the evening or night? Then devise a plan according to the time you have in hand.

  • Set aside atleast 2 hours daily after your dinner for preparing.
  • We know this could be taxing after a day`s work but there are only less no. of days remaining for the exam.
  • So don’t look at the difficulties but rather focus on making use of the available time. SBI PO exam study plan,SBI PO home preparations,SBI PO self study vs coaching centres

For all those who aren’t working & prefer self-study, make use of morning time to study as you will be fresh.


Refer to our SBI PO exam study plan to know about the topics to cover.


Don’t postpone today`s chapters for tomorrow.Whatever happens, stick to the plan.


Learn the Basics, First

There is no point in trying out problems from previous year solved papers or memorizing the answers.Your mind will go blank if you forget even a single step.Therefore do not byheart the questions.

  • Understand the concept used in solving a specific question so that you are able to answer similar problems.

For this, you would need books that take you through the various models and explain the methods used in arriving at an answer.See,


* SBI PO Exam Guide (with explanations) – Rs.471 – Buy online (read review)


We always suggest candidates who are preparing from home to have atleast 1 guide & 2 practice books.


Candidates who are taking coaching classes may refer the study materials already provided to them.Incase they are not sufficient, go ahead & buy these guides.


Choose What you Study

Be it SBI PO exam or any other tests, Knowing your strengths & improving it will help you during last minute preparations.


The preliminary test is to be held from June 20 as per the official notification from SBI.


Practically speaking, it will be difficult for beginners to learn a new topic at this stage unless you are fully devoted.How many are able to command such unparallel attention is doubtful.What to do now?

  • Start preparing from the topics that you have some idea.
  • Make sure you are completely confident in those chapters that you will never go wrong while answering them.

Negative marks could be awarded for every wrong answer & you may not attend questions that you are not sure of.So why waste time in preparing a chapter that is very new to you.

So the most clever thing to do is increase your accuracy level in the exam by improving your existing knowledge.

If you are very interested to explore the other topics, you can do so BUT know where to stop.Don't break your head in trying to learn 10 days before the test.It will only make you more nervous.


Practice till the End

This is the most important part for aspirants who are preparing for SBI PO exam from home.Only through practice, you can get to know the impact of your preparations.


Online mock tests are available that not only provides a real exam like interface, but also displays detailed insights of your performance by suggesting your weak areas, time management etc.,


* Buy SBI PO Exam Online Mock Tests (20 mocks for Rs.499) (read review)


Also buy practice workbooks or question banks that enable you to try different sets of questions.


It is very much possible to crack the SBI PO preliminary exam just by preparing from your home itself.But to accomplish that – Believe in yourself & Take the first step from today.

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