What to Wear for Bank Interviews? Dress Code & Ideas Here

what dress to wear for bank interview indiaWhat dress should I wear for Bank Interviews may sound like a silly question to ask someone but do you know that the way you dress up also carries a certain mark in bank Interviews? While many candidates were confused on the best dress to wear for interview, we are putting up this article.This should serve as a guide for all those getting ready to appear for the upcoming IBPS or other bank job interviews. 


You may have scored very good marks in the written test & would have also prepared well for the interviews.But that is not enough.

The panel members will form an idea on whether you are fit for the job or not even before the real interview starts, just as you walk into that room.

Your dressing tells a lot about your character, commitment, attitude, focus etc.,


Dress Code for Bank Interviews

Bank jobs are considered prestigious in the society.Hence you are required to dress up for the interview like a true professional. [images courtesy: amazon.in]


interview dress for males

Interview Dress for Males: There is no other special attire for male candidates apart from dressing in formals.

  • Full sleeve shirt (avoid party or designer wear).
  • Formal pant (Black, Brown,Navy Blue, Grey colours preferred)
  • Belt (no trendy belts, please)
  • Black or Brown Formal Shows (stay away from sports shoes, canvas, slippers)
  • Tie (not compulsory)

Apart from the dress, you should also concentrate on your looks,

  • Shirt should be neatly tucked.
  • Comb your hair, guys
  • Long haired? Then apply gel or oil to keep them in order or use a band.
  • Clean shaven look is a must.Those who have to maintain a beard, kindly trim it.
  • Use a clean pair of socks.

Should I wear a suit?

Blazers/ Business suits are not necessary for bank interviews & we don’t recommend you to buy them just for this day.


If you are wearing a leather jacket to keep yourself warm, remove it before entering the interview room.You wouldn’t want to look like a gangster.


Interview Dress for Girls/ Females: You are attending an interview for job in a public sector bank.So here are your options to look great.

interview dress for girls

  • Salwar Kameez is the best choice.Cotton salwars will give you an elegant look (avoid mirror/chumki work, low necklines, sleeveless stuff etc.,)
  • Dupattas/ shawl is compulsory for salwars & must be properly pinned.
  • Saree can also be worn but only if you feel comfortable in it.
  • Do not opt for a saree if you haven't tried it anytime before.
  • Leggings & Jeans – A strict no.
  • Flat sandals or Cut shoes are perfectly okay.Just be sure it goes well with your costume.
  • Heels can also be used but keep let it be medium.

Coming to your looks, here are some things that you need to care about,

  • Tie your hair.Use clips or headband to keep them in place.
  • Free hair is fine only if it doesn’t create a mess for you.
  • Keep your jewelry to the minimum (a neck chain, earrings, few bangles are more than enough).
  • Makeup is not necessary.Just make sure you look fresh.
  • If you still want to put on some makeup, keep it low.Avoid dark shades.

Can I wear a sweater?

Yes, you are allowed to sweater but let that be a simple one.Don’t go for overpowering designs with monstrous faces, letters & words on it.


Its not your dress that describes who you are.BUT, the first impression definitely carries a huge advantage & decides the final outcome of the Interview mostly.


Have you decided on the interview dress?Share it via comments & hear what others say about it.

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