Railway RRB NTPC Exam 2016: GK Questions asked on April 5

The railway exams conducted by recruitment boards (RRB) to fill 18000 vacancies of NTPC positions, that started on March 28th are still on.As per candidates review, the questions are not too hard to answer expect for those in general knowledge.Since the exams are to be held till April 28, we are providing the list of GK questions asked on April 5 for those candidates looking to appear for the test in the coming days.


Like we mentioned in the RRB exam review, answering 80+ question correctly can be considered as the safe number of attempts.Just because the difficulty level of exams will vary for each day, RRBs shall employ normalization technique to calculate cutoffs.


So try to answer as many questions possible with maximum accuracy.You may also refer the GK topics list to prepare for this RRB NTPC exam


Railway Exam GK Questions (April 5)

Which country got maximum no. of Medals in 2012 Olympics? USA


Which Team won Under 19 Cricket World Cup?. West Indies


State where Khajuraho temples can be found? Madhya Pradesh


Who founded Swaraj party? Chitranjan Das


Where is the statue of liberty? New York


India occupies how much percentage of world s geographical area? 2.42%


Who is the writer of the song Amar Bangla ? Rabindranath Tagore


Which among them is not a good conductor of electricity? Wood


Euro is the currency of? European Union


Which cricketer hit consecutive three centuries in world cup cricket? Kumar Sangakara


Pitchblende is related to? Uranium


Full Form of Pdf? Portable Document Format


Bones around Chest are? Rib cage


Flag Code of India? 2002


Bio Diversity means? Variety of life on Earth.


What is the length of digestive system? Upto 30 feets in adults


Infrared waves are what type of wave? Electromagnetic


Tashkent agreement signed after which indo pak war? 1965


India came under direct control of British in which year? 1858


Bangladesh shares boundaries with which of the following countries? Tripura


Gas released during respiration by us? Co2


Epidemiology is study of ? Study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states


What is India’s literacy rate as per census 2011? 74.04%


Man of the series in 2011 cricket world cup? Yuvraj Singh


City on the bank of Nile? Khartoum


Largest Coal Deposits in India are available in? Damodar Valley


First smart city approved UT ? New Delhi


The Biography  of Indira Gandhi written by? Pupul Jayakar


Hoolock gibbon found in which state? North East States


Hindi is National language by which article? Article 343


1024Gb means? 1 terabyte


Where is Tippu Sultan Maszid situated? Kolkata


Ultrasonic  Frequency Range? 18–22 kHz.


Which element is air polluted? Sulphur Dioxide


What is the function of Hydrometer? Masures the specific gravity


What is the Capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli? Silvasa


National Sports Day? 29th August


Language of Mughal Density? Persian Language


Which Device is used to connect computer to wireless? Router


Number of World Heritage Site in India? 32


Rank of India in Human Development Index? 130


Siachen Avalanche Survivor name? Lance Naik Hanumantha


Biodiesel Train will be started in which zone? South West Railway Zone(Hubli,Karnatka)


Astrosat satellite first launched in which year? 2015


Father of White Revolution? Verghese kurien


Most Populous State? Uttar Pradesh


Anti corruption member in ICC from Indian Cricket Team?Rahul Dravid


Forest Area Percentage in India? 21.34%


Dadabhai Naroji Professor in which College in India? Elphinstone College in Bombay


Ctrl+z is what?to Undo any action


Short Distance file transfer/Communiation device?Bluetooth


National game of USA?Baseball


Rmba mediccine is for which Disease?


Indo Pak war in which year? 1965


toxicology is ?Study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms.


Law of Inertia is given by ? Newton


Gold Medals won by India in 12th south Asian games ? 188


Panipat Refinery belongs to which company? IOCL


Which convert source code to object code? Compiler


Odd one out (Yahoo.com, twitter.com, facebook.com, whatsapp) Whatsapp


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