Railways RRB NTPC Exam 2016: GK Questions Asked on April 16

indian railways logo onlineOne of the massive job selection process of Indian Railways is nearing its end.The RRB NTPC exam 2016 for the recruitment of 18000 positions is being held across India.Though over 90 lakh candidates had applied, not all may appear for the online tests.But still, the competition is very high & proper preparation is required.So here is the list of GK questions asked on April 16 so others could get an idea of difficulty level.


Right from the beginning, candidates while talking about RRB NTPC exam review have repeatedly said that general knoweldge questions were quite difficult to answer compared to maths & reasoning problems.


So after looking at these questions, you will understand the list of GK topics to cover for this railway exam.Unlike what others say, its not too hard to answer but those scores only will decide the selection for many candidates.


RRB NTPC GK Questions – April 16

Who is the ICC number 1 test player? Steve Smith


Who is the ICC President? Zaheer Abbas


Who Invented Gun? Richard Gatling


Who is the 23rd Governor of RBI? Dr. Raghuram Rajan


Who is called Frontier Gandhi? Abdul Ghaffar Khan


Who invented Fountain Pen? Petrache Poenaru


Who is the 1st king of vijayanagara dynasty? Harihara


What is the Unit of Force? Newton


Who is Longest  Serving  Chief Minister in India? Pawan Chamling


What is the Full Form of MRP? Maximum Retail Price


What is the Full Form of MMU? Memory Management Unit


Who is the King of Pallava Dynasty who wrote stories? Narasimhavarman I


Notre Dam Cathedral is situated at which place? Paris


Which river flows from Tibet? Sutlej


Atomic Number is equal to? Number of Protons


Who is the Richest Person As per Forbes global list? Carlos Slim


P.A Sangma served as a loksabha speaker in which year? 1996 to 1998


Who is the CEO of E-commerce Company Flipkart? Binny Bansal


Who is the Chief of Election Commission? Nasim Zaidi


UHT (Ultra High Temperature) is related to? Milk


Railway Budget in 2016 Presented by? Suresh Prabhu


Right to Freedom and Liberty related to which article? Article 21


What is the Brain of Computer? CPU


Planets moves around? Sun


AAP Party was established in? November 26, 2012


Name the largest moon of pluto? Charon


What is full form of TCP in terms of network? Transmission Control Protocol


Which is largest moon in solar system? Ganymede


Bharat Ratna awarded to which prime minsters? Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madan Mohan Malaviya


What is bank name of BRICS? NDB( New development bank)


Who is founder of ABO Blood group? Karl landsteiner


Who is Badminton winner of 1980? Prakash Padukone


Name of the person who made first chocolate? Hernan Cortes


Chinese pilgrim who visited India during gupta period? Fa Hien


Muhammad Bin tuglaq transfered capital from Delhi to which place? Daultabad


Supreme Commander of Indian Defence Services? President


Which was the large princely state during Indian Independence? Hyderabad


Which became the 1st digital state in India? Kerala


Resham Udyog is located in which state? Karnataka


Mouse was Invented by? Douglas Engelbart


Saina Nehwal Related to which sports? Badminton


Which Bacteria converts milk into curd? Lactobacillus Bacteria


What is Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria? Micro-organisms


Full Form of SPM? Scanning Probe Microscope


What is old name of Singapore? Temasek


Who invented Radioactivity? Henri Becquerel


Which state has largest forest area? Madhya Pradesh


Which state has largest mangrove forest? West Bengal


Who is the famous king of chola dynasty? Karikala cholan


What is Japan parliament called as? Diet 


Radioactivity Invented by? Henri Becquerel


If you remember any other questions asked in the exam OR found any wrong answers above, you can let us know via comments below.

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