RRB NTPC Exam 2016: GK Questions Asked on April 9 & 10 [Full List]

The recruitment for 18000 jobs in Indian Railways cannot be seen regularly.So that was the reason why lakhs of candidates registered for RRB NTPC exam 2016 that is being currently conducted.Since the exams are to be held upto April 28, all those who are preparing to appear in the upcoming days will find this list of GK questions asked on April 9 & 10 useful.


We had already written a lot about the RRB NTPC exam review along with the safe number of attempts.As the pattern is similar through all the shifts, the analysis doesnt change much expect for the fact that GK questions were tricky & in-depth


GK Questions from April 9 & 10 RRB NTPC Exam

On April 9 & 10, only 3rd shift exams were conducted.So here are the questions from GK section which were shared by our readers.


BCCI cricketer of the year 2015? Virat Kohli


Who built Red fort of Agra? Akbar


Largest cell in human body? Ovum


Dirty Blood is carried by? Renal Artery


First human heart transplant performed at? South Africa in 1967


Study of Humans? Anthropology


Goa was liberated from Portugal by which movement? Goa Liberation Movement


Saurology is the study of? Lizards


ISRO full form? Indian Space Research Organisation


Retirement age of Supreme Court judge? 65


Who declare financial emergency? President


DVD full form? Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc


Mahabodi Temple located at? Bodh Gaya


Who is Maharashtra`s Tiger Ambassador? Amitabh Bachchan


M.A Chidambaram Trophy for Best woman cricketer 2015? Mithali Raj


Which acid helps in human body for digestion? Gastric Acid(HCL)


Who has right to declare financial emergency? President


Source of Narmada river? Amarkantak, MP


Minimum age of PM? 25 Years

First Indian go into space? Rakesh Sharma in 1984

Current captain of Indian women’s hockey team? Ritu Rani

World Aids day? Dec 1


Summer Olympic 2016 held in? Rio de Janeiro

Nobel Prize 2015 for literature? Svetlana Alexievich


SONAR full form? Sound Navigation And Ranging

Which is first unmanned satellite launched by ISRO?  Chandrayaan-1

Make in India Logo? Moving lion


Which country won maximum number of oscar awards? Italy

Capital Of Andhara Pradesh? Amaravati


Study of Spiders? Arachnology


Hindi Diwas? 14 September


Full Form of RLWL? Remote location waiting list


Study of Maps? Cartography


Which company designed the Make in India Logo? Weiden + Kennedy, Oregon

Where is Indira Gandhi botanical garden situated? Rae Bareli


Percentage of Nitrogen in atmosphere? 78%


Where is Kanha national park located? Madhya Pradesh


Do you have exams coming up? Then you must prepare these GK topics to crack such questions.


If you remember any more questions, do share it with others through the comment form below.

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