Railways RRB NTPC Exam 2016: GK Questions Asked on April 19

The RRB NTPC exams announced for the recruitment of 18000 vacancies in Indian railways is just few days away from completion. Candidates who had appeared for the test have already started to get opinions on expected cutoffs.But there are few more shifts remaining & only when all the sessions are over, we would be able to get a clear picture.So here is the list of RRB NTPC GK questions asked on April 19


No exams are held on April 20 & 21.So we have not published the questions from those shifts.


But based on previous days GK questions, we have come up with a list of GK topics to cover which should help you incase you are appearing for the RRB NTPC exams in the coming days.


RRB NTPC Exam GK Questions of April 19

Which Gas Used in Refrigerator? Tetrafluoroethane


What is the full form of ADSL? Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line


Who is the  Defence Minister in 14th lok sabha? Manohar Parrikar


Pluto Discovered in which year? 18th February,1930


Who is the Man of the match in Asia cup t20 2016? Shikar Dhawan


What is the Old name of SBI?  Imperial Bank of India


Methane is Which gas? Colorless


What is the theme of World Wetland day? Wetlands for our future: Sustainable livelihoods.


Kakori Train happened in which city? Gorakhpur


Who is the Goodwill Ambassador of UNDP? Sachin Tendulkar


Who is the head of Indian state?  Governor


What is the Freezing point of water? 0ÂșC


Halley comet next occurring year?  28th July,2061


Second max lok sabha seats?  INC


State with max boundaries? Uttar Pradesh


Make in india week? Feb 13- Feb 18,2016


Tiger population as per 2014? 2226


Who is Head of the state Bank of India? Arundati Bhattacharya


Who Discovered Pluto? Clyde William Tombaugh


Gol Gumbaz is made by? Mohammed Adil Shah


Manusmriti was originally written in which language? Sanskrit


Heart Diseases can better by diagnosed by which test? ECG


Who was the 3rd ruler of mughal Dynasty? Akbar


How many states have elections in 2016? 5


Women’s Day celebrated on? 8th March


What are the Number of Zodiac signs? 12


World Wetland Day ? 2nd February


Retinol is formed by which vitamin? Vitamin A


In world Cup T20 India won over Bangladesh by how many runs? 1 run


World’s Richest person as per forbes Global list 2016? Bill Gates


Where Davis cup 2016 took place? Birmingham, Great Britain


In which year  and by whom bhagavad gita translated? In 1785 by Charles Wilkins


Which State doesn’t share border with Myanmar? Tripura


Full name of CT in CT scan?  Computerized Tomography


Plastics are made up of? Organic polymers


Main material in glass? Silica


Full form of MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging


What is capital of Pakistan? Islamabad


Currency of Bangladesh? Taka


Best picture in 88th oscar awards? Spotlight


Where is Mecca located? Saudi Arabia


Bardoli satyagraha led by ? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


If you have any more questions to share OR find any wrong answer in the above compilation, feel free to leave a comment in the form below

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