The Best Preparation Strategy to Crack IBPS PO & SSC CGL Exams

The exams for the IBPS PO (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) and SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level) are two important exams as part of the upcoming govt sector recruitments in India.For aspirants looking for banking and government jobs, now is the time to focus and prepare well for the respective examinations.


The first thing that any candidate needs is an exam preparation strategy, one that ensures you are well prepared but also gives you an edge keeping you ahead of the other hopefuls.


With this in mind, TalentSprint has shared with us a detailed preparation strategy for IBPS PO and SSC CGL, which will suit your individual needs


1. Know the IBPS/SSC CGL exam paper

Before you start your preparation, you need to know the subjects that will be part of the respective exam papers.


In the case of the SSC CGL exam, the paper covers the following topics:

a.    General English

b.    General Awareness

c.    Quantitative Aptitude

d.    Reasoning


The IBPS PO exam covers the following topics:

a.    English Language

b.    Quantitative Aptitude

c.    Reasoning Ability

d.    Computer knowledge

e.    General Awareness


2. Cover the entire syllabus

With at least four separate sections in either of the exams, each covering a different topic the curriculum may seem vast. As a student, you may be inclined to take short cuts and skip certain sections. It is best to cover the whole syllabus at least once.


3. Mark the tricky sections

When going over the syllabus ensure to solve the practice problems. As you run into areas that pose a challenge or you feel you will need additional help in, mark these sections to cover later.


Schedule some time to cover these weak areas. Also, solving other questions in these areas will help you gain confidence.


4. Follow the Pomodoro time management technique

The Pomodoro technique is a study-time management method that divides the study time with small intervals.


Typically, study for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break and so on. This technique helps to reduce fatigue and ensures better time management.


5. Don’t mess with the mock tests

It is advised to solve mock tests in exam room conditions to best understand how well you are prepared.


Solving these tests will also give you a good idea of your weak areas. You can then focus on these to better your score.


Having shown a clear focus on deciding your career, you need to apply the clarity of thought and prepare for the IBPS / SSC CGL exams.


Apart from the course material it is advised to be a part of the online communities such as TalentSprint which update students with the latest news and information on exam dates, locations and timings.


They also provide students with unique question sets such as the toughest questions, complete mock tests and additional practise questions for each section of the syllabus.


Beware though to choose the right website for online help as many websites promise the moon and deliver precious little.

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