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Upcoming Bank Jobs & Exams in 2014 | The Full List

bank jobs in 2014,IBPS bank jobs 2014,IBPS bank exams,upcoming bank exams 2014,upcoming bank jobs 2014,bank jobs in 2014 latest,latest bank jobs,new bank jobs,bankexamsindia The demand for Bank jobs in India is increasing among freshers than ever before compared to other career options.With IBPS common bank exams & common interviews, recruitments are being filled fast. Keeping yourself alert about these we are publishing the list of upcoming bank jobs & exams in 2014 right here.

More than 3 lakh PO & clerk jobs in banking sector are to be filled within the next three years say industry experts.This is very much possible due to large no. of retirements & opening of branches in rural areas.
The following article will help you to easily navigate through
No more massive hiring in banks? Read Banks to reduce recruitments from this year 
The table has all necessary details about the latest bank exams/ jobs in 2014 that you would look for at first sight.
The complete details of a bank examination or recruitment can be had by clicking the name of the bank or organization.
Bank & Other Government Exams
Name & Post Last date to apply
State Bank of India PO Recruitment – 1800 PO April 25, 2014
ICICI Bank PO Recruitment June 30, 2014

Exam & Interview Preparations

SBI PO Exam Guide [Exclusive Review] - All in One book to prepare for SBI Exams

India 2014 [Review] – Best book for GK/ General awareness from Govt. of India
Top 8 Bank Interview Questions – What are they & how to answer them
Latest Group Discussions Topics & insights on preparing for GD
* This page will be updated as new bank vacancies are announced.

Latest News:

Apart from bank jobs, we also publish detailed articles about the latest happenings in related to banking recruitments, common interviews & analysis.

You could also find tips on preparing for various sections of bank exams, that include topics to cover, question paper pattern, answering methods etc., below

Who can apply for bank exams – See the new eligibility conditions
63000 bank jobs to be filled in 2013 – Finance minister speaks
Tell me about yourself’ - Know how to answer this interview question 
Know about the no. of PO vacancies & cutoffs in List of bank PO jobs in 2012
Director of IBPS says Scorecards wont be seized
Know about Probation & Bond condition in banks
What to do & what not to in common bank exam
Minimise negative marks in common exam – Tips to follow


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SBI PO Exam Guide [Review] – A Complete Book to Buy

SBI PO Exam Book Review Ever since the 1800 PO recruitment notification was released by State bank of India, a common query we receive is what is the best book for SBI PO Exam 2014? Since the hiring advt. has also appeared in national dailies many young graduates & those in their final year are very excited.The written test to be conducted in the month of June is the battleground for these applicants.


Everyone would have devised their own study plans on how to prepare for SBI PO exam.However be the strategy, books are the most important tool of study.


So here is our review of a book titled ‘How to crack the SBI PO exam’ by Arihant Publications.Thanks to Flipkart.com


How Is It?

Crack-SBI-PO-Exam-Book-Review-Arihant,buy books for sbi po exam,best books for sbi po exam 2014,buy sbi po exam guide,sbi po exam guide arihant books The book contains approximately 600 pages of material that one may need to kickstart his or her preparations for the upcoming state bank of India probationary officer examinations.


To talk about the looks, the book is certainly weighty due to large amount of content.They have used lot of headings, tables & illustrations for the purpose of highlighting important information.


The wider pages serve a benefit – ease of reading.


Checkout the review of Contents of the book, Solved papers, Question models, Practice Exercises, Mock Tests, Descriptive Test, Buy the book now


What does it contain?

Crack-SBI-PO-Exam-Book-Review-Arihant-1,how to prepare for sbi po exam books,buy sbi po exam books online,sbi po exam books review The contents gives a bird`s eye of what is inside the guide.It is categorized as per the exam pattern which comprises of

  • Test of English Language
  • Test of General Awareness, Marketing & Computers
  • Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Test of Reasoning
  • Descriptive Test

Since the topics list are specified in the contents page, you need not search all over the book to find whether a chapter is included or not.


Solved Papers

The book starts with 5 previous years solved questions papers of SBI PO recruitment exams.They were conducted in April 2013, April 2010, March 2010 (associates), April & October 2008.


The answers are also provided along with explanations.Click here to buy the book online or continue reading.


Types of Questions

Under each section, one can find various types of questions that could be asked & the procedure to solve them quickly.Crack-SBI-PO-Exam-Book-Review-Arihant-2,cheap books for sbi po exam,buy sbi po exam books best online,arihant sbi po exam guide books review


Having explained the methods, few typical problems of that type are given for you to get acquainted.

For example, In Data sufficiency they have provided over 11 possible types of questions such as percentage, ratio, time & work, Distance & speed, simple/ compound interest etc.,

Shortcuts, formulas & basic definitions are seen across all sections to help readers understand the concept.


Exercises to Try

After completing a chapter you can test yourself by answering the questions in practice exercise.It is also possible to verify the answers with solutions given for these exercises as well.


Self-Evaluation Tests

What better way to wrap up exam preparations without evaluating yourself. The 3 mock tests totaling 600 questions at the end would enable you gain more confidence to attend the online test scheduled in the month of June 2014


Descriptive Paper

The book also focuses on descriptive test & its syllabus.There are numerous paragraphs, essays, comprehension tests & sample letters that are simple & understandable.


The pages that dealt on how to write a précis were very good.They have explained on the things to keep in mind while writing précis, do`s & don’t`s along with examples.Even a first time bank job aspirant will find it very useful.


Definitely Buy It

The book is a comprehensive guide for SBI PO exams. If you are preparing on your own, it is a must have.


SBI PO Exam Guide (Success Master) – Rs.380 – Buy online (pay in cash on delivery also available)


For those who are undergoing coaching, buy it as an added reference material for practice.

SBI PO Descriptive Test – See Books, Topics & Previous Cutoffs

prepare for SBI po descriptive test,books for sbi po descriptive engllsh test,sbi descriptive test cutoff marks,writing descritive english in banks exams,descriptive test in bank exam,descriptive text for po exams How do I prepare for SBI PO Descriptive test is one query commonly asked by aspirants appearing for State bank of India recruitment.The concern showcases vital importance this section has created among entrants since it decides their qualification. Candidates especially from rural areas & towns find this part to be difficult than objective test as it involves writing detailed answers in english.


By knowing the exact pattern along with the kind of questions to expect, it is possible to clear descriptive paper.


To help those getting ready for SBI PO recruitment 2014 exam - a comprehensive guide explaining about the descriptive english test question paper has been compiled


This article talks on 1) What is descriptive test 2) Pattern 3) Books 4) Preparing


What Is It? 

An officer in a bank will have to write letters, prepare reports or send views & opinions to higher officials as & when required.

So descriptive paper as part of SBI PO exam aims to check the English language proficiency of applicants.

Every year, many candidates fail to secure pass marks in descriptive paper making them ineligible for personal interviews. How?


  • If you do not score qualifying marks in any objective section – your descriptive test paper will not be taken up for evaluation.
  • Apart from securing minimum marks in each objective test, its also necessary to pass in descriptive test.

    Descriptive Exam Pattern

    Tthe SBI PO exam will contain the following sections & cutoff scores,


    sbi-po-descriptive-test-cutoffs,what is the qualifying marks for sbi po descriptive test 2014,SBI po descriptive test cutoffs

    Some important points to understand in here are: 

    1. You will have to answer the descriptive section within 60 minutes (1 hour)
    2. It shall be conducted for 50 marks
    3. The minimum qualifying marks for descriptive test in previous year exams were 20 (Gen) & 18 (others)

    You can expect the English descriptive paper to contain questions from these categories:

    • Letter Writing
    • Precis writing
    • Essay Writing
    • Reading comprehension &
    • Paragraph writing

    Previous year questions:

    In the previously conducted common written examination for PO/MT posts, descriptive test paper consisted of the below questions (based on memory)


    1. Write a letter to a branch for closing savings account OR to a friend inviting him/her for seminar on netbanking OR to a bank for higher education loan.
    2. Write an essay on any of the given topics a) Right to education act b) Financial Inclusion c) How technology can benefit banking industry.
    3. Paragraph writing:  a) Rural banking  b) Impact of autonomy to banks.


    The word count specified in the question is important as you will have to write the answers on the question paper itself, within the space provided.



    For more practice questions, essays & sample letters consider buying this most popular book from Arihant publications.It has over 800 pages with detailed explanations.


    * Descriptive English Guide – Rs.190 – Buy online (pay cash on delivery also allowed)


    How to Prepare:

    A general rule that must be followed while answering is not to make spelling mistakes. Now let us see what type of questions could be asked in each category. 


    Letter writing: There shall be internal choices for this part.You will be asked to write a letter to someone you know (parents, friend, relation etc) or to a bank manager enquiring about a service or to a newspaper editor.


    Refer to the books mentioned above or use your Std.X or XII grammar book to know about letter formats.


    Essay writing: A topic/title is given based on which you need to write an essay in about 250 words.This is also an internal choice question wherein three topics shall be provided for you to choose any one.


    It is not possible to memorize articles beforehand.So pick up a random topic related to banking, finance, current affairs etc.,& practice writing.Here is our list, which you can try:

    • FDI in retail
    • Rise of the American dollar
    • Are bank mergers beneficial?
    • Latest technologies in banking

    Precis Writing: Read the given article of atleast 500 words, understand its meaning, summarize & make a precis (shorter version).The only requirement is – do not change the meaning of the original passage.


    For practicing -

    1. Take a long newspaper report,
    2. Leave unnecessary details,
    3. Pick only the important statements
    4. Write a summary.

    Ask any of your family or friends to compare both to make sure you have not deviated from the original.


    Paragraph writing: Titles will be printed & you must write a paragraph related to the given topic in not more than 150 words.


    To write good paragraphs, sentence formation should be proper & to cultivate it one must read english magazines & newspapers.Story or comic books can also help you gain control over writing skills.

    Prepare for SBI PO Exam 2014 in 60 Days [Full Study Plan]

    prepare for sbi po recruitment exam 2013,how to prepare for sbi po exam 2013,books for sbi po exam 2013,study plan for sbi po exam 2013,how to crack sbi po exam 2013SBI recruitments always bring excitement and tension to those individuals aspiring for bank jobs.While the obvious reason is State bank of India being the no.1 public sector in India, high competition is another cause.With the last date to apply fast approaching - the next big question will be how to prepare for the upcoming sbi po exams 2014?


    By now, most of you would be busy in submitting the online registrations for 1800 PO jobs in SBI.The next stop is written examination which falls in the month of June.


    BankExamsIndia.com has always encouraged visitors to share their banking exam/ interview experiences & strategies with fellow readers.Inline with that policy, here is one.


    Varun reddy from Karnataka devised a study plan aptly titled ‘SBI PO Exam Preparation in 60 days’ for his personal use.But wanted to help other applicants as well & hence shared it with us for publishing on this website.


    Materials Required:

    Varun has given chapterwise list of topics to cover after referring through some of the popular books available.So we are providing the same recommended by him


    All the books listed below are very popular among candidates.They have received many positive reviews & rated as cheap & best.


    If you are weak in a specific section, consider buying books given for that paper below.


    For Revisions
    SBI PO previous yrs solved papers – Rs.140 – Buy online
    Descriptive English by S.P Bakshi– Rs.170 – Buy online

    1. Analytical reasoning by M.k pandey – Rs.158 – Buy online
    2. Non-Verbal reasoning by prabhat-javad – Rs.215 – Buy online

    Data Interpretation
    1. Quicker Maths (magical book series) – Rs.196 – Purchase online
    2. Data interpretation by Arun sharma – Rs.288 – Buy online

    English language
    1. Word Power made Easy by Norman Lewis – Rs.92 – Buy online
    2. High School English grammar by Wren & Martin – Rs.158 – Buy online
    3. Objective English by Hari mohan prasad – Rs.329 – Buy online

    General Knowledge
    1. India 2014 – Rs.249 – Buy online
    2. Pratiyogita Darpan monthly magazine (September 2013 to April 2014 issues)


    It is possible for some to posses titles from other publications.They can prepare for the mentioned topics from those books too.But remember to buy previous solved papers as it will be helpful while practicing.





    Data interpretation


    (GA/ Marketing/



    Verbal reasoning-problem solving: basic types of problem solving with examples.


    Non Verbal reasoning-basic concepts.


    Shortcuts for Addition, multiplication, divisibility, squaring, cube.

    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)   - 1. Talk about personality types.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)-Sentence, subject and predicate, phrase and clause.

    Pratiyogita Darpan (PD) - Sep2013 issue:  News and events.


    HCF and LCM

    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy) - 2. Talk about Doctors, Various Practitioners.


    Grammar - Parts of speech: Noun

    PD - Sep `13: Current affairs.


    Verbal reasoning- problem solving: exercise A,B,C


    Non Verbal reasoning-basic   concepts.

    Fractions, Decimal fractions, Elementary Algebra

    PD –Oct 2013 News & events.



    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)   - 4. Talk about science & scientists, liars & lying.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin) - Adjectives.

    PD –Oct 2013 Current affairs.


    Verbal reasoning- problem solving: exercise C &


    Non Verbal reasoning-Problems related to symmetry

    Number System.

    PD Nov 2013 News & Current affairs



    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)   - Revision (1-5)


    Grammar (By Wren and martin) - Articles.


    Verbal reasoning- problem solving: Practice book problems


    Non Verbal reasoning-Problems on visual ability

    PD Dec 2013 : News & Current affairs


    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)   - Comprehensive test 1 & 6. Talk about Actions.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin) - Pronouns.


    Ratio and proportion.


    PD Jan 2014 News & Current affairs


    Verbal reasoning- problem solving: Practice book problems


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: 5 figure series.


    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  - 7. Talk about various Speech habits & How to Insult your enemies.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin) - Parts of speech: verbs




    PD Feb 2014 News & Current affair


    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy) - 9.Talk about How to Flatter your friends & Revision (6-9)


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Active & Passive voice, Verb forms.



    Verbal reasoning- Coded relationships & Inequalities: only previous papers questions from Practice book.


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: 5 figure series.


    PD -  Revision (news & events from Sep. to  Feb. 2014 )




    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy) - Comprehensive test 2


    Grammar (By Wren and martin) - Verb forms.


    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy) -  10. Talk about common Phenomenon, 11. Talk about Whats going on, 12.Talk about Variety of personal characteristics.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin) - Tenses.


    PD -  Revision (current affairs from Sep. to  Feb. 2014 )



    Verbal reasoning- Input-Output basics, shifting, Arrangement, Miscellaneous,previous paper questions from Practice book


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: 5 figure series.






    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)   -   Revision (10-12), Comp. test 3.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Tenses


    Banking knowledge: Internet reference all terms and terminology.



    Problems based on Ages.




    Verbal reasoning-Analytical decision making; Previous problems from Practice book


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: 5 figure series.


    Profit and loss.


    Vocabulary - Full revision.


    Grammar(By Wren and martin)Auxiliaries and Modals.


    Verbal reasoning-syllogism, Previous problems   from Practice book


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: 5 figure series.

    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -   Full revision.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Adverb.

    Events in banking from sep. 2013 to march.2014.


    Simple Interest.


    Compound Interest.

    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -   Difficult words (quiz 1-12).


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection, Preposition


    More about Banking.


    Verbal reasoning-Basics of logic and some informal tips on critical reasoning


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: 4 figure series.






    Verbal reasoning-Assumptions & Previous paper questions from Practice book


    Non Verbal reasoning-4 figure series &  Missing  figure series.

    Time and work.




    Work and Wages.

    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -   Difficult words (quiz 16- 33).


    Objective English -

    Comprehending passages, Spotting errors


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Revision of parts of speech.


    Pipes and Cisterns.

    PD March 2014 - News & events, current affairs.


    Time and distance.


    Trains and streams.

    Marketing knowledge:

    Internet reference.

    Daily 2 Essay topics.






    Verbal reasoning- Arguments & questions from Practice book


    Non Verbal reasoning-series: Missing figure series.


    (from DI book): DI, Tables,Bar charts,X-Y Chart, Pie charts




    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -   Difficult words (quiz 34- 54).


    Objective English - Comprehending passages, Filling the paragraphs,


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Analysis of simple sentences : simple, compound, complex.,Clauses,

    Full length objective previous paper 1 - 7



    Verbal reasoning-Evaluating Inferences & Previous papers


    Non Verbal reasoning- Missing  figure series, Analogy



    Cases (DI).

    Computer knowledge: Basics.

    Daily 2 Essay topics.



    Series, Data sufficiency.

    DI Exercises Without options.(12 sets) & Ten minute test papers-3.



    Verbal reasoning-Statements and conclusion from practice book (full)


    Non Verbal reasoning-Analogy.

    Computer knowledge:

    Ms office.

    Daily 2 Essay topics.


    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -   Difficult words (quiz 55- 60).


    Objective English - Sentence skills


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- More about Adverb clauses,Analysis of complex and compound sentences.

    Full length objective previous paper 8,9


    Verbal reasoning-Course of action, previous paper questions from practice book


    Non Verbal reasoning-Analogy.


    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -   Difficult words (quiz 61- 86).


    Objective English -Sentence skills, Sentence construction, sequence of tenses


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)- Transformation of sentences.

    Full length objective previous paper 10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 17




    Verbal reasoning-Cause and Effect: questions from practice book, strengthening and weakening Arguments.


    Non Verbal reasoning-Analogy.



    Probability, Permutations & combinations.

    DI Ten minute test papers-2 & full length sectional test papers (DI).

    Computer knowledge:

    Previous exam questions.

    Revision of essay topics.


    Verbal reasoning-Data sufficiency & practice problems


    Non Verbal reasoning-Classification & complete Previous papers.





    Vocabulary (Norman Lewis: word power made easy)  -

    Difficult words  revision & Idioms.


    Grammar (By Wren and martin)-Direct and indirect speech, Structures.

    Full length objective previous paper 18,19, 20


    Verbal reasoning-Miscellaneous


    Non Verbal reasoning-Previous papers.


    PD: April 2014: news and events, current affairs.


    SBI PO previous papers

    Full length sectional test papers (DI).

    Full length objective previous paper 2122,23,24,25

    Tips on Paragraph writing,letter writing,précis writing & Previous  years descriptive papers.

    Budget 2014 & its allocations: (Finance and rail).








    To wade through millions of candidates & emerge successful in SBI PO recruitment exam 2014, one has to devote enough time in advance.


    We believe the above plan would help you in charting plans to manage that time in cracking this test.


    Still confused on whether you are eligible or not? Read the answers for common eligibility doubts about SBI PO recruitment

    1800 PO Jobs for SBI Recruitment 2014 Announced from April 7

    sbi recruitment 2014,sbi po recruitment 2014,2014 sbi po recruitment,sbi po 2014,state bank of india po recruitment 2014Its time for State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment to take over 2014.As the top public sector bank in India – State bank of India is to recruit 1800 PO and this will be one of the most expected hirings in SBI.The banking major has over 12400+ branches across the nation with 2 lakh+ employees.


    For those searching for SBI recruitment 2014 this news is sure to bring smiles especially to candidates who couldn't get allotments through IBPS CWE process.


    Ever since we published about State bank`s plan to reduce hiring in coming years there was lot of buzz among bank job aspirants.It shall rest for some time, we believe.


    Now with the official word out on PO openings – all eyes would be on upcoming SBI recruitments which may include clerk hirings.



    Online registrations begin from April 7 & closes on 25th
    Written test in June (may change)

    Posts & Salary:

    Probationary Officers - 1837 posts

    While the basic pay is Rs.16900 in the scale of Rs.14500-25700, an officer posted in Mumbai shall get a monthly compensation of  (including allowances & benefits) will be Rs.70,000 (approx.)

    What is the Eligibility:

    Applicants have a reason to feel happy here as State bank of India has not made any changes to its criteria.IBPS modified them recently following govts. recommendations but was forced to withdraw them.

    So the eligibility condition to apply for SBI PO recruitment 2014 are,
    • Should have completed graduation in any discipline, as on August 10, 2014
    • Age to be within 21 & 30 years as on April 1, 2014 (age relaxation applies for SC/ ST/ PWD/ OBC)

    Final year/semester students can also apply for this State bank of India recruitment but you must have passed the final year on or before Aug 8, 2014 [must provide proof for it] 

    Have you applied earlier?
    There is a limit on the number of chances.According to it General category candidates who have already appeared for 4 previous PO exams conducted by State bank of India are not eligible for this SBI PO recruitment 2013 project.

    While there is no such restriction for SC/ST, OBC category candidates are given 7 chances.

    The no. of attempts should be counted from the exam held on April 18, 2010


    Still have doubts in knowing whether you are eligible or not? Read through list of answers for your SBI PO common eligibility questions


    Selection Process

    Since state bank group does not participate in IBPS common written test platform, registrants should appear for a separate written examination under Phase I.
    It shall contain two major sections Objective (200 marks) & Descriptive test (50 marks).
    Phase II is for those qualifying in the 1st exam.Based on the marks secured, candidates shall be called for Group discussion & Interview.The final selection shall be unveiled considering your scores in these two phases.
    Starting to prepare for sbi recruitments early can help you immensely as the competition could be very high.So we are providing a list of books for SBI PO exams available on the Internet.

    * State bank officer exam guide – Rs.275 – Buy online
    * SBI PO previous year solved papers – Rs.140 – Buy online

    Fee Payment & Registering

    Rs.500 (others) or Rs.100(sc/st) should be on or before April 25 by visiting any SBI branch or online.
    If you intend to pay fees at a branch, it should be done from the 2nd day of registering online & within 3 days.
    A confirmation email/sms shall also be sent after 3 days of depositing payment which marks the completion of registration.

    In addition to these, recent photo of the applicant & signature must be scanned & uploaded along with the online application.

    Download Notice: Those interested in applying for SBI recruitment 2014 can get the notification for PO positions from their website here (pdf file) & visit here to apply online.

    IBPS PO 2014 – 15 Allotments | Banks Start Joining Process

    PO allotment result 2014,Banks-appointment-call-PO-jobs,bank po jobs in 2014,Joining dates for IBPS bank po recruitment The wait is finally over for numerous bank job aspirants with public sector banks posting joining dates for those who were allotted through IBPS PO 3 (III) recruitment.These system assisted appointments has gained importance from last year year as it replaced the time consuming selection procedures followed by individual banking organizations.


    Institute of Banking Personnel Selection set the ball rolling for PO recruitment in August 2013 through an advt. of common written examination for probationary officer positions.


    Mission Completed

    Once the CWE results were out it was time for qualifiers to get ready for common interviews.The massive exercise started in January 2014 came to an end in mid February.

    In April the entire process came to an end with IBPS announcing the completion of allotment for 21600 PO jobs in public banks..

    In the final stages, registrants were shortlisted based on their combined scores & category.With the publication of maximum and minimum cutoff scores for successful allotments, candidates were able to know where they stand.


    The introduction of reserve list (waiting list) may bring hope of further round of allotments but its not guaranteed.The ones who were`nt considered can now look at preparing for other upcoming exams in 2014 


    Who is Calling?

    when to join in banks 2014, reporting dates for banks,bank of baroda joining, iob joining, canara bank joining,bank of india joining,indian bank joining,IDBI bank joining date, union bank of india joining date,UCO bank joining date,syndicate bank joining date

    Based on the preferences given by qualified candidates IBPS completed the allotment process for 21 participating banks/ organizations & also intimated their status on website.


    Now the PO allotments results are out, govt. owned banks are to fill their vacant posts.


    And they are starting to put up such announcements online so you don't miss the events.


    In the following part we shall take you through banks that have published the list & fixed joining dates.


    Banks have not yet announced the joining dates for candidates allotted through IBPS PO III recruitment process.


    The status & other procedures are being displayed on their website.You can view them from the table below which is being updated regularly.


    Organization name

    PO Vacancies

    Date of joining

    Detailed link

    Bank of Baroda 2360 not announced

     notice here (pdf). 

    Punjab National Bank 931 from July 2nd week

    click here

    UCO Bank 1300 intimated later

    click here

    Indian Bank 1130 process started

    check here

    Bank of Maharashtra 880 candidate list released

    download here

    Corporation Bank 410 yet to begin

    read notice

    Bank of India 1093 to be released soon

    read latest circular

    Dena Bank 586 to announce on Apr 30

     see site here


    This page would be edited as & when banks announce date of reporting.So remember to bookmark this page or check back often.Last update: April 13, 2014

    Note for Certificate Verification

    Like we confirmed with the authorities earlier, eligibility criteria remains the same as stipulated by IBPS in its CWE notification.


    Although there wont be any more change in eligibility/ qualification conditions you should produce original documents/ proofs to the allotted banks for verification at the time of reporting.


    The list of documents to submit at the time of joining will be mentioned in your appointment letters.

    SBI PO Recruitment 2014 – Your Eligibility Doubts Answered

    sbi po recruitment 2014 eligibility,sbi po salary,sbi recruitment in 2014,sbi po recruitment exam books,final year sbi po recruitment,state bank of india po recruitment 2014,sbi po recruitment 2014 doubts,are final years eligible for SBI PO recruitment 2014

    The registrations for SBI PO recruitment 2014 are to start soon and bank job aspirants are looking forward to submit their applications.The excitement is evident from the number of doubts raised by them.Since SBI may also publicize the hiring by placing ads in leading newspapers, many fresh graduates are expected to apply for these PO jobs in mass nos..


    To help you better understand the conditions for State Bank of india recruitment, we have compiled a list of frequently asked doubts on eligibility criteria.


    The compilation would enable applicants to register without any confusions we hope.


    Eligibility & Qualifications

    Q: I am completing 20 years after April.Shall I apply?

    A: No. Since the age limit for applicants is 21 – 30 yrs as on April 1, 2014 those who have not attained 21 years on 01.04.2013 are not eligible for this SBI PO recruitment 2014.


    In simpler words your date of birth should be within Apr 2, 1984 & Apr 1, 1993


    Q: I have scored only 50% in degree.Is it possible for me to register?

    A: State bank of India has not specified any percentile & a pass in degree is enough for you to submit application.


    Q: Are final semester/year students allowed?

    A: Yes.Students who are currently in their final year/ sem may also apply.If you are called for Interview, proper proof of having passed the degree exam on or before August 8, 2014 must be shown.


    Q: Will all employees be paid Rs.29,500 in salary towards accommodation?

    A: No. The mentioned rental amount is only for Mumbai centre & differs for each location that starts from Rs.8000 in category ‘C’ centres.


    Moreover it shall be paid directly to the landlord & no cash would be given to the employee.


    Q: Explain about the SBI`s limit on chances

    A: State Bank has fixed the number of chances for a candidate to apply for its recruitments. As per it,

    sbi-recruitment-limit-chances,limit on sbi recruitment 2014,limit for general category candidates,limit on chances in sbi recruitment 2014


    For example, if a general candidate had appeared for 4 previous PO recruitments (from 18.04.2010) conducted by State Bank then he/she cannot apply now.


    Payment related

    Q: I submitted my application form.When should i visit the bank to pay fees?

    A: For offline fee payments, a challan is generated once you submit the application form. It should be used to remit fees from the 2nd working day after registration & within three working days at any SBI branch.


    To avoid confusions in calculating the days follow these steps,

    • Submit your application on a Monday
    • Goto the bank between Wednesday - Friday & deposit fees

    Start the registration process again if you couldn't pay within 3 days.


    Q: Should I have to wait 2 days for online payments?

    A: No. Online payments via Debit/ Credit card/ Net banking should be done immediately on submitting your application.


    Remember to take a print of the e-receipt on successful completion of transaction.


    Exam related

    Q: Is this an online exam?

    A: Yes.SBI PO recruitment exam 2014 is a computer based written examination similar to IBPS CWE.It shall consist of objective & descriptive papers.


    Q: Suggest some books for SBI PO exams

    A: Titles from various publishers can be seen at your local bookstore.You can also order such books online, pay in cash on delivery or ATM card or netbanking.Here are some:


    * State bank officer exam guide – Rs.375 – Buy online
    * SBI PO previous year solved papers – Rs.140 – Buy online


    Q: When will i receive call letters for the exam?

    A: According to SBI`s official notification call letters/ admit cards should be downloaded by candidates from the bank`s website after May 30, 2014.Do not expect to receive the hall tickets by post.


    The online application links close on April 25 & for more details on eligibility & selection read our detailed article on SBI PO recruitment 2014

    India 2014 [Review] – Best Book for General Awareness/ GK

    india-2014-book-review-bankexamsindia, books to prepare for general awareness,general knowledge books,india 2014 reviewsThe one most commonly asked question by those aspiring to become part of the public sector is What are the best books for bank/ competition/ govt job exams?.Though numerous training institutes & coaching centres have come up across the country many prefer to study on their own.It is true that by constant practice, one can master the subject but shouldn’t you have the necessary materials.


    This is the reason why we are reviewing a book that shall be helpful to prepare for General Awareness/ Knowledge papers.All competitive exams including UPSC, SSC, IB, Banking and Public Service commissions give importance & ask abundant questions from GK.


    Due to the fast pace nature of news reporting, noting down all the latest events or categorizing the important pieces from them is a tedious job for an individual. This is where a book like ‘India 2014’ comes handy.


    About India 2014

    india-2014-book-review,buy general awareness books online,india 2014 buy online The book is a product of Publication division (Government of India) who consider it ‘as a reference annual digest of country`s progress in different fields’.

    Since the contents are prepared by govt. department you can sure of the authenticity of the data provided.It is one of the biggest strengths of this book.

    To talk on how it looks,

    • The paper quality & fonts used are very good.
    • You would feel comfortable even after reading for long hours.

    There are some books that cause eye irritation and candidates complain of headaches while reading them during nights. Thankfully, we didn’t experience anything like that with India 2014 (buy online).


    The book contains 1100 pages neatly categorized under 30 different sections such as Agriculture, Defence, Education, Economy, Energy, Transport, Water resources, Sports, Science & technology, Law, Industry, Finance, Culture and Tourism, Polity, Environment, Health, etc.,


    india-2014-book-content-review,review of india 2014 book,india 2014 GK book reviewIt also provides detailed insights on various governmental schemes that are currently being implemented under each sector five year plans & its review.


    The book should be very useful for bank clerk, civil services and public service commission recruitments as it includes dedicated pages for each state.


    These sections give an overview about the state`s history, geographical position, government structure & important achievements in different fields.


    Facts & Figures

    This books is definitely a treasure trove of facts and figures that range from state rankings, literacy rates of each state, yearly GDP rates, sectoral growth %, IIP data, Inflation trends, import/ export, GDP performance & more .


    Names of Personalities

    Under the topic ‘General information’, names of past presidents,prime ministers chief justices, award winners (bharat ratna, padma), etc along with years are listed in order.


    Buy India 2014 from from Flipkart.com for Rs.249 & get it delivered at your doorstep in 2 days


    At Rs.249, India 2014 is one of the best & cheap book for all competitive exam aspirants.Why buy GK books from other publishers when you have a high quality study material available with the government itself.

    IBPS PO III: 21600 Allotments; Waiting List Details Also Out

    ibps PO 3 allotment results,what is ibps reserve list,ibps po waiting list cutoffs,release of ibps waiting list The final results of IBPS PO recruitment for the year for 2014-15 is finally out with the completion of allotment in banks.This news was expected for last few days as the institute had in its notification advt. had fixed the date of provisional allotment in April 2014.A surprise element called ‘Reserve list’ was packed within it.


    The 3rd edition of IBPS common written exam for PO/ MT recruitment in 20 public sector banks started with online registrations in July/ August 2013.


    While the tests were conducted in the month of October `13, common interview process for qualifiers happened in January 2014.


    Now with the end of provisional allotment, lets look at important data such as cutoffs of selected candidates, possibility of waiting lists & their cutoff scores.


    21600 PO Jobs Filled

    The total number of probationary officer jobs in 21 govt. owned undertakings for the year 2014 – 15 stands at 21680.Canara bank tops the chart with 3500 openings & Bank of Baroda comes second with 2360 posts.


    IBPS has also uploaded an annexure mentioning the maximum & minimum combined scores of candidates.This will enable all candidates to understand the scoring range rather than asking questions in unreliable online forums.



    The above score is nothing but your combined total of CWE & interview (out of 100)


    Candidates can check their status through this webpage link here.


    If you were successfully allotted to any bank/ organization, wait for them to send you information about joining & other details.


    Waiting Lists are Possible

    There was lot of speculation on whether waiting lists exist or not & will banks call candidates from it.Now its official with IBPS creating another pool called ‘reserve list’  & displaying their cutoff scores as well.


    Reserve list is nothing but waiting list in simple words.The next set of allotments will be carried out from this list incase banks or any other participating organization announce further vacancies during April 2014-15


    Further rounds of allotment (2nd, 3rd etc.,) may happen in the following scenarios:

    • New vacancies are created for immediate joining during 2014 - 15
    • If a person chooses to reject the appointment offer
    • If an allotted candidate could not provide the required documents/ certificates asked by the bank, then his/ her offer would be cancelled.

    There is no guarantee that all banks will come up further vacancies but it is highly possible just by looking at previous PO recruitments.See notice here


    Are you in Reserve List?

    Now its easy to find if you are in the waiting/ reserve list.Below is the minimum score that one should have secured if one hopes for a 2nd chance.




    Common questions about reserve list

    * The validity period of this list is March 31, 2015.Any vacancies that are posted after this date wont be available for those in this list.


    * If you have not been allotted any bank & your score does not fall within the range of reserve list it simply means you wont be considered for future allotments.


    Start preparing for the next IBPS PO recruitment 2014 & be ready for exam announcement.


    Still have any more doubts? Ask them through the comment form below

    India Post Postal/ Sorting Assistants Exam Pattern, Cutoffs Required & Books

    india post logo,india post postal assistant sorting assistant recruitment exam 2014,postal sorting assistants recruitment exam 2014 India Post (Department of Posts), a 100% government organization for postal service in India had announced direct recruitment of Postal Assistants/ Sorting Assistants.There are 8243 vacancies in total across 22 postal circles. The online registration for these positions have already started.


    The test dates are not known but we believe it could happen sometime during the months of May or June.


    The minimum educational qualification prescribed for individuals is pass in class 12 exam & should have studied English as a subject.With the maximum age limit at 27 years you can be sure of encountering many BE graduates, PG degree holders & even MBA`s to submit applications.


    So we are presenting a detailed look at different aspects of postal assistant/ sorting assistant recruitment 2014 covering,


    Exam pattern, Books to prepare & Cutoffs that would help applicants to know what to expect.


    PA/ SA Exam Question Pattern

    An aptitude test (Part I) will be conducted to test your knowledge in various topics.A detailed structure of the question paper is:


    india-post-postal-assistant-sorting-assistant-exam-pattern-books,books for postal assistant sorting assitant recruitment exam,how to prepare for india post sorting assistant postal assistant recruitment exam


    As you can see from the image, questions from the following sections would be asked from,

    • Part A - General Knowledge
    • Part B - Maths
    • Part C – English
    • Part D – Reasoning & analytical ability

    Total Marks: 100 (25 marks for each part).There is no negative mark for wrong answers which is quite a big relief.


    Typing Test (Paper II) – The candidates who qualify in aptitude test should appear for a computer based typing test.

    A passage of 450 words in English or 375 words in Hindi has to be typed within 30 minutes using a computer keyboard. In addition to this, certain numbers & letters will also be provided to test your data entry skills.

    It is necessary to secure minimum qualifying marks in this test as well which would be added to part I scores while preparing merit list.


    Recommended Books:

    It is now time to buy books for Postal assistant/ Sorting assistant (PA/SA) recruitment exam after having understood the question paper pattern & how many marks to score.


    * India post PA/ SA exam guide – Rs.80 – Buy Online Now (limited stocks only)
    * Postal/ Sorting assistants Workbook (15 practice sets) – Rs.95 – Buy online


    Cutoff marks:

    To qualify in Part I of PA/ SA recruitment exam, you should score the prescribed qualifying marks in each section.The category-wise cutoffs are:


    postal-assistants-sorting-assistants-recruitment-exam-2014-cutoff-marks,postal assistant sorting assistant recruitment exam minimum cutoff marks


    You are required to qualify in each of the 4 parts besides securing the specified aggregate marks.


    If you do you have any doubts to clarify or something more to add that shall benefit other aspirants, then share it through comments below.