Good Resume = Assured Job! 7 Tips to Follow while Writing

prepare good resume,how to write resume,good resume for jobs,resume writing Resume or Curriculum Vitae is the face of a candidate appearing for any job.This piece of paper has so much value that it can either push you to the top or drag you down.So,it is better to get professional advice in preparing resume for your first job.Here are some tips for drafting a good looking resume.


# Print the resume in a standard paper format.Employers often complain about the quality and neatness of the paper in which the resume is printed.The most commonly used & the best paper format is A4.


# Don't write descriptive notes and history of the job in resume.Make it precise & easy to understand as people get bored on reading lengthy resumes.


# Emphasize on the projects that you were a part of mentioning its strengths and how you helped the team.Add other skills that may be relevant for the job.


# Never show hate about your previous company in resume like - ”Although i helped the company in fetching the project,the manager was partial with me in not rewarding me”. Such words, only creates bad impression about you.


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# Trying to create sympathy mentioning family problems,personal economic issues,health problems can never fetch a job call.Incase you quit the previous job for health reasons,discuss it during the interview.


# Avoid spelling mistakes & grammatical mistakes by using simple sentences.Employers term spelling mistakes as character of a careless person.


# Although bold,italics words can be used in resume,minimal usage is advised.Also avoid decorating the resume with different fonts, colors, sizes.


Finally,create a resume which gives a rough idea of your character and performance to the employer,be it for bank exams leading to bank jobs or for other jobs.

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Anonymous said...

I am 40 yrs pursuing mba in distance learning.looking for job in bank. can i try somewhere.


bank jobs in india said...

hi anamika,if u hv any previous experience working for bank/financial company,u can try for senior positions..
If u dont hv experience,you can try for jobs in private banks,theyll provide a good job with moderate salary

Anonymous said...

hi,my age is 28 and working in insurance company in middle level manager and have 4 years of experience and package is 5 lacs ...what will the options in banking sector?

bank jobs in india said...

With 4 years of Experince,you can try for senior positions in Public sector banks.But private sector banks will provide more bigger oppurtunites for you with good salary.
Register with a good consultancy & go through via them

kalai said...

This site is excellent...

ankit said...

Hello sir, i read the tips for resume. It's very impressive, but it would help us more if you give a simple format for resume. thanking you.