How to Prepare for Bank Interviews – 5 Must Follow Tips

prepare for interview,how to prepare for bank jobs,bank jobs in india,bank exams 2009The final phase in recruitment process would be Interview.We receive many requests from our readers asking for tips on how to prepare effectively for job interview.Interview is an integral of any recruitment, since its where the employer tests your personality, communication & problem solving skills.


With the implementation of common written exam by IBPS, the following would play a vital role in determining the appointment of a candidate.

  • IBPS scorecard (issued to those clearing the test)
  • Interview & marks secured in it

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the proven tips about how to prepare for bank Interviews.


1. Research.Visit the bank`s website, click on ‘About Us’ & read about their history, services, achievements, management etc.,

  • It tells the interviewer that you have taken efforts to know about them & are interested in the job.
  • There are many banking terms such as Reverse repo, Credit rate, RTGS, inflation etc.,that could occupy a major portion of questions.There are books available, wherein these words are explained in detail (see below)

indian newspapers-bank jobs interview,bank interview questions,prepare for bank interviews 2. Stay Updated. Read newspapers focusing on the business sector, as any latest event could be questioned during the interview.

For example, the interest rate hikes by RBI & change of cheque clearance rules were some of the recently featured news items.

Since it is not possible for everyone to read all the business newspapers, make use of their websites by visiting them atleast twice a week.


3.Speak English. Most bank interviews are conducted only in english mainly to test your communication skills.There are chances for the person sitting before you, not knowing the regional language.So its always better to speak in english.

  • Don't try to impress the panel by speaking fast – many make mistakes.
  • How well are you in conveying your thoughts, is what they look for.
  • Keep it simple by framing simple sentences.

Again, english newspapers, magazines & english news channels would help you improve the command over that language.


4. Practice. Are you feeling nervous to speak at the interview?If yes, its time you spend some time in overcoming that as tension & nervousness can spoil your chances.

  • Stand before the mirror & try speaking to yourself to gain confidence.
  • Conduct mock interviews with your friends or family members.See common interview questions

5. Plan. There is nothing wrong in rehearsing for the interview as its not only about answering question but also about your personality & behavior.

  • Chart a plan in advance - right from the dress you will wear, leaving your home, reaching the venue & behaving inside the hall.
  • Read Tips for interview behaviour

Books: Guides & books about banking terminologies are sold over Internet that can purchased via cash, netbanking or ATM/ debit & credit cards.


* How to face bank interviews (useful for promotions too) – Rs.170 – Buy online


Hope these detailed steps will serve as starting point in interview preparations  for upcoming bank jobs

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what should women wear for bank clerk interview... Some say wear formals and some says to wear cotton sari or suit... Please must reply.... If any of u have given interviews before than please reply wid one attire to wear frm above mentnd optns... Please...