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Test of English is an important section in the Written test of Bank exams. While writing in English one should always be aware of the few important points such as Knowing where the capital letters are used & the ability to use grammar with no mistakes.Also using commas properly while joining two sentences and full stops after the completion of every single sentence makes it look professional.


The following tips will be useful for writing descriptive (long) answers in English,as some exams has this section also.(Bank of India has a descriptive paper for 100 marks,which must be cleared to become eligible for next level)


* The capital letters are only used while the start of every new sentence and it is also used in the first letter of the name of a person. For example the name smith should be written as “Smith” and not “smith”. When a word is written on all capital letters it is collectively called as Block letters/Capital letters. For ex: “LEADER”


* The other important thing that one should keep in mind is Grammatical errors.Anyone who wants to write English should ensure that there are no grammatical errors. An essay or any article that has been written with no grammatical mistakes stands for its class and quality. So grammar should be used appropriately while writing in English.


* The usage of Commas,Conjunctions while joining two sentences should always be right and one should ensure that the conjunctions used does not change the meaning of the sentence. The common words used as conjunctions are - ‘and’but’  ‘or’.

For example: “Mark is good at studies and also at athletics”

Here the word ‘and’ is used as conjunction yet it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence.


Start to prepare for better English Knowledge Skills early as it plays a vital role in Bank exams as well as Competitive Exams.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for vital suggestion....but please add some model papers of descriptive test English too.
please send me some descriptive test papers.I will be very thankful.
Thanks again....

Anonymous said...

the suggestion was good...but isn't it important to have knowledge about the subject too? The basic motive of descriptive test according to me is to see how much a candidate can analyse any information