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Are you worried about not knowing new bank jobs on time? Now,receive all the latest information of bank jobs,bank exams ,tips to prepare for banking exams,results & more as SMS in your mobile phone - FREE. Join our SMS group & get messages on bank jobs as soon as they are updated on this website.


Many visitors of were asking us to email them about latest & upcoming bank exams. Since sending emails to each person is difficult & tiresome,we have created a group about Bank job alerts using Google`s SMS feature.


How to register for these alerts ?

  1. Click on this link : Bank Jobs & Bank Exam Alerts 
  2. If you are new user to SMS Channels,you must register your mobile number first.(see picture below).

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* Choose any name & click Set Nickname.

* Enter your Mobile number in the next field & click Send verification code.

* You will receive a SMS message on your mobile from 09870807070, that has the verification code

* In the website, enter the received code & click Finish setup

3. Now,in the area where it says,  Would you like to subscribe to the channel BankJobs_ExamAlerts? , click YESbank job alerts,sms jobs alerts,bank jobs india alerts,get sms alerts india,free bank jobs alerts.


Congrats ! You have subscribed to our SMS channel & you will start receiving SMS messages as & when we post about new jobs on this site.


Is there any charge for the SMS I receive ?

NO.This service provided by Google is completely free.There is NO charge for the SMS that you receive (Most mobile operators don't charge)


How to Unsubscribe from this channel?

To unsubscribe from our channel,send a message ‘ OFF BankJobs_ExamAlerts ‘ to 9870807070


I am not receiving any SMS from this website.What to do?

It is possible that you might have registered under ‘DND’.Even after registering, if messages are not receivable, send SMS ‘STOP’ to 1909


Hope this SMS Channel on Bank jobs will be of great use to bank job aspirants. - Register for Free SMS Updates


Incase of any problems in subscribing/Unsubscribing our channel,please leave a comment below,so we can provide a solution.

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This is very useful for me for preparing for bank exams.

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shruti said...

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it is very useful for the aspirants who prepare for the various competitive examinations

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This site is really very useful, actually when i was confused about bank test this was the only site which helped me out

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Thanks for providing this facility,
its really very helpful and useful.

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thanks google for providing this facility
its very useful and best service then any other

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it is a very good site. for every one.

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this site is very useful to everyone to find jobs in bank easily.Every one must subscribe it.

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I'am with shurti. it is not a good servic to all users!!!!!!!!