Negative Marks in Bank Exams

The concept of Negative marks for wrong answers was first introduced in competitive exams like UPSC,Entrance exams,CAT etc.,This was later adopted in bank exams for filtering the candidates to the next level.The candidates appearing for first time,seem to be more concerned about negative markings in bank exams and its impact in the final score.Here are some of the questions asked by our readers during the last few weeks.


Q : Why are Negative Marks awarded in Bank exams ?

A : The basic use of negative marks in competitive exams,bank exams & other important exams is to check the real knowledge capacity of the candidate,to avoid guessing in exams & to verify if the candidate really knows what he is answering.


Q: Does all bank exams have negative marks ?

A: No.Large banks recruiting in huge numbers will have negative marks for wrong answers in their preliminary test to decrease the number of candidates moving to the next level.(e.g.- SBI will deduct 1/4th marks(0.25) for each wrong answer in the objective tests for recruitment of 11000 clerks -2009).

Such information will be provided in the recruitment advertisement of the banks.


Q: Will I get negative marks if I don't answer any question ?

A: No.Negative marks will be awarded only incase of any wrong answers.So,if you have not attended a question,no marks will be reduced.


Q: How to avoid Negative marks in objective tests?

A: There is no specific method to avoid negative marks.Leaving the question unanswered in the only way to avoid negative marks.But,skipping too many unknown questions will lower your marks.


Q: So what to do incase if I don't know answers for many questions ?

A: In this case,the only option is to take risk & make some clever guesses.To make such a guess,you must have prepared something in all subjects,so that you can think of a probable answer for that question among the given choices.


We will be bringing more analysis on the concept of negative marks and tips to overtake negative marks in banks exams & competitive exams.

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Vijay said...

Dear sir,
Please Tell me if there are any negative marks in the English Language Test in Bank Exams.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I asked few days before that there is any negative marks in the English language test in the bank exams.
Please tell me about this.

negative marks said...

Vijay,In Objective english test,there is negative marking ,but it depend on the bank which conducts.SBI has negative marking in the upcoming clerk exam.

awadhesh kumar said...

Dear Sir,
As Central Bank of iNdia has cancelled there first list of Manager(IT)of 190 candidates & they have given the revised list of 122 candidates.
Whether is it possible without giving any notice bank can cancel there first list & take out new list.
Pls let me know whether anything like this has happened in History in Public Sector Banks.

bank jobs in india said...

awadesh,we were not aware of the revised list being put up in central bank website.Central bank has mentioned that they have the right to change.May be they would have uploaded the wrong list.
We will get more details on that

Anonymous said...

how many question there in each paper?

mannu said...

sir plz send me last 10 years SBI clerical exam papers so that i can prepare well to my
email id-,


Hemu said...