Preparing for Descriptive English Test – Tips & Books

Descriptive English is an important paper in the Written test for Bank exams. While writing in English one should always be aware of these important points – Usage of sentences & Grammar.Commas,full stops & punctuation marks to join two sentences or to complete a single sentence also play a vital role in english writing.


The following tips are given to help in preparing for Descriptive Test, as most upcoming bank exams have this paper.Although the marks are not calculated, it is necessary to pass in this test.


* The capital letters are only used while the start of every new sentence and it is also used in the first letter of the name of a person. For example the name smith should be written as “Smith” and not “smith”. Make sure to start every new sentence with a capital letter, since it enhances the look of the passage.


* The other important thing that one should keep in mind is Grammatical Errors.If you want to write proper english, ensure that there are no grammatical errors. An essay or any article that has been written with no grammatical mistakes stands for its class and quality. 10/12th std, grammar books would be good to know the basics.


* The usage of Commas, Conjunctions & Punctuation Marks while joining two sentences should always be right as they can change the meaning of the sentence, if wrongly applied. The common words used as conjunctions are - ‘and’but’  ‘or’.

For example: “Mark is good at studies and also at athletics” Here the word ‘and’ is used as conjunction.


Cultivate Reading Habit : The only method to improve written english skills is by reading. Read a lot of books – it may be stories, newspapers, english magazines etc. but choose books that have simple sentences.So you can understand them better.


Books : 10th or +2 english textbooks will provide basic lessons on english writing. Apart from that, you can purchase books for Descriptive English test through Internet.

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Mithlesh said...

very's a really very effective efforts from the bank jobs team towards making aware about Banking Exam's pattern.....thanks to all team.

kaushik said...

It's very good and will really helpful for many aspiring candidates appearing/preparing for bank P.O. But many candidates usually look for previous or most important descriptive topics to prepare in advance. I feel it's equally important to subscribe some important or previous topics.... thank you

uddi said...

One more important tip is to be SPECIFIC and UPTO THE POINT as there is a restriction of number of words to be used.ALL THE BEST EVERYONE

arun said...

Really the hints are nice... it is very useful for those who awaiting for the bank exams...