SBI Clerk Junior Associate Job Profile, Salary & Transfers Explained

SBI-State-Bank-of-India-Recruitment-LogoState Bank of India has released its notification for recruitment of Junior Associates in clerk cadre.Candidates were eagerly waiting for SBI clerk recruitment in 2016, but the post name Junior Associate (Customer support & Sales) has made them think this as sales & marketing job.So we are providing information on SBI clerk/ junior associate job profile, salary, job post location & various other aspects of this position to make it clear.


First of all, the SBI clerk 2016 recruitment notification is for filling 17,000 vacancies of Junior Associates & Junior Agricultural Associates.


Is this a regular clerical job or something different? State Bank of India seem to have given the post a new name whereas most other public sector banks refer clerks as cashier or single window operator.


In 2014, SBI recruited for the post called ‘Assistants’ under clerical cadre.They are currently performing clerical duties only.So Junior assistants will also be like normal clerk employees only.




Junior Associates Job Profile:

If you are looking for official information on SBI junior associate job profile, it is not available but their recruitment notification itself gives plenty of details.


Since candidates are recruited in clerical cadre, they will be required to perform the regular clerical work such as:

  • Accept & verify cash/ cheque after proper verification
  • Authorize necessary instruments (pay order,drafts etc.,) on checking for accuracy
  • Completing transactions, preparing vouchers & maintaining records

State bank has specifically attached two roles to this post – Customer support & Sales. So these associates shall also be responsible for:

  • May have to call customers to explain & market the banks products/ services
  • Interact with customers visiting the bank, know their concerns & reply to their queries 
SBI in its advertisement has briefly outlined the duties of new recruits.On seeing this, some are labelling the job as sales & target oriented.But this specific point was mentioned in their 2014 clerk recruitment also.




So there is nothing to worry thinking about selling & door-to-door marketing.The present clerical employees in SBI are not doing it.


SBI Clerk Salary

As per the SBI recruitment notice, the clerical cadre employee shall be paid Rs.20,950 per month at a metropolitan city like Mumbai.Junior Agricultural Associates shall get Rs.490 /month extra as special pay.


If posted in non-metro city or town, your gross salary shall be around Rs.18,500 /month.

Therefore the take home salary for SBI junior associates should be in the range of Rs.18,000 – 20,000 /month (after deducting taxes & other benefits).

Since allowances vary depending on the place of reposting, the exact salary may differ slightly.


Job Posting & Transfers

Vacancies for Junior Assistants & Junior Agricultural Associates are to be filled state-wise.So candidates may choose to apply for any one state, provided they know to speak, read & write the official language of that region.


Junior Agricultural Associates shall be posted mostly in rural/semi urban branches.


Transfer Policy: Many of you would be wondering about getting transfers if posted in a distant branch.Checkout the SBI clerk transfer conditions:

  • Junior Associates are not eligible for transfers within or outside the state for the first 5 years of service (8 years for candidates selected under special recruitment
    drive for Tura and Kashmir Valley & Ladakh)
  • Junior Agriculture Associates will continue in rural/ semi urban branches till they reach scale V.

So if you get posting in a branch, away from your hometown - you need to work in that branch only for the first 5 years.After that, your transfer request may be taken up based on seniority & vacancy position.


Having read about the SBI Clerk/ Junior Associates job profile, salary & transfer options, do checkout their 2016 clerk notification for 17,000 posts.

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Anonymous said...

amol rewadkar,latur
i think it is an right move by sbi to assign the work of marketing to newly recruited will also help ful for the clerk to improve their communication skill &personality

Nitin said...

10,000 Rs. salary me kya kya karvaayenge?? last time (22000 clerk recruitment) they have tested bad experience of about 8000 clerk employee turnover due to this Marketing job...this time lets see what the strategy is...i believe for marketing job they should appoint seperate staff on contractuall basis. They are doing till time.

Anonymous said...

hello friends it is just for notification and formalities is not sure that clerk should do the marketing... there is a plenty of in the bank for clerk officials.. so dont worry about this is as same as any way all the best for ur future. thank.Regards a new person who is known little bit better about this topic. like wel wisher..

sandeep said...

This move indicates that even a clerk has to develop multiple skills and I think the SBI is trying to grab the opportunity to utilize all the talented candidates to their full potential,because of the high percentage of highly qualified students are recruited in the previous recruitment this move was obvious, but they must think on raising their salaries so as to avoid high employee turnover.

Unknown said...

a marketing job in sbi is fine and always a nice move but the salary is a concern. marketing people always get more salary because there work involves traveling and many more thing which adds to their pressure. so had the salary been a little more it would have done but in rs 10000 ..................................

Unknown said...

Hi to all
It was already mentioned in SBI clerk ad. It is also the need of an hour. Well lets see what the job profile includes....

Raj said...

Dear friends

U dont worry. start preparing for JAIIB and become an officer at the earliest



I think it is good move by SBI.I have been selected in the recent
27,000 Clerical recruitment.I have not received Offer Letter yet.Anyone recieved it?


rupak said...

sbi has selected 2353 candidates from west bengal circle. but no body receive appointment letter. when they will send?

jogendra said...

u will get joining latter after diwali ... and get joined till last of november....

Ratul Koch said...

sbi is always making unjustice for the candidates.. It took almost a year to call for the interview and declare final result..again nobody knows exactly how much time it will take to send the joining letter...i appeared for it and appeared for allahabad bank as well..allahabad hold the exam in the month of march and i got the appointment letter in the month of july is been three monts i am been with allahabad bank ..

Anonymous said...

Im also in allahabad bank.Im also doing a great job in banking institution.Hay frndz if ur selectd or doing job in othr banks thn dnt leave it for SBI.Bcz thr r heavy work load n u cnt bear it.My frnd who is in SBI since 2 years has nevr been told me tht he is hapy in SBI.NAM BADE OR DARSHAN CHHOTE.If u wnt 2 live life happily thn dnt leave anodr banks.Ol the banks have same salary.SBI give 500 rs more nthng more.If u dnt have job thn acept it.Its nt 4 demoralising bt tru.Bcz its experienced n other thng is tht most of banks wil merge in sbi so old employees of other banks shal be senior.Think n take decision.Best of luck.

Ritesh Samal said...

i am working for ICICI bank.
what i suggest you to dont think about marketing or any profile.just enjoy the job you are doing.Dont just creep everytime.Marketing doesn't mean door to door selling .this profile is very challenging and for daring people only.those who love challenges in life they prefer marketing roles not like others who will only seat in the back office and maintain data.You will attain a lot of meetings,seminars with different clients.You will get to understand what is the thinking pattern of society.This will make you more mature.

It will add value to your resume after 2-3 years down the line.You will find yourself very powerful and dignified person in society after accepting this roles.

Finally frends i ll suggest you dont loose this opprtunity to be successful.Decision is yours.After all itz SBI.Client will come at your door step to give you business rather going from door to door

Anonymous said...

well worth the read. I found very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about…