85000 Bank Jobs in 3 years & Common Exam, says Govt.

upcoming bank jobs in india This could be good news to those eyeing for banking jobs in India as plans of recruiting 85000 banking staff over the next 3 years, has been announced.This forecast was shared by the Finance ministry in an event held recently.


Recruitments in public sector banks have been in the rise for past few years, owing to the number of retirements & opening of new branches.It seems that this trend is expected to continue for the next 3 years.

At the Economic Editors' Conference, Govt.of India made a mention about the need of public sector banks to recruit 51000 clerks & 34000 officers between 2010-2013 

More banking jobs:

Although government estimates Indian banks to create 85000 jobs industry experts believe the demand to only increase in the coming years.

number of banking jobs in india


A common question asked by many young people looking for career in banking is

“Many announcements for bank jobs are currently made.Will it continue next year also”.

We took this to a financial consultant following banking sector for the last 15 years & here is what he said,


‘Of the total 7.5 lakh employees in public sector banks nearly 30 - 40% are expected to retire by 2015.

A matter of worry is most of them would belong to the middle or senior management scale which would put more pressure on productivity of these banks. 

  • Hence PSB`s are showing keen interest in ramping up their intake & fill vacancies to enable smooth transition of operations.
  • Since 2009, atleast 35 - 40000 people are being newly recruited by govt. owned banks which is a huge number comparing the previous years.”

Rajesh is not alone in expecting these events as newspaper reports such as this, this & here had also reported on the demand. 


Start of Common Bank Exams:

IBPS common bank exams

Another notable announcement made by the government in 2011 was its decision to conduct common written exam (CWE) for vacancies in public banks through Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).


IBPS had conducted the 1st CWE for PO & clerical cadre posts between Sep – Nov 2011, based on which all PSB`s are calling candidates for their recruitments.


Can apply for jobs in private banks

“Apart from 19 public banks, many private sector banks & government companies are interested to use these scores & shortlist people for jobs in their organizations”,
says Mr.M.Balachandran, Director (IBPS).Read about it in our exclusive interview with the IBPS director


About the CWE,

  • Those aspiring for jobs in banks must appear for IBPS CWE compulsorily.
  • The tests would be held twice a year for PO, clerks & once a year for specialist officer postings.
  • Scorecards shall be given, similar to GATE, CAT exams
  • Based on the score specified by banks, eligible candidates can apply for Interviews directly
  • The scorecard will be valid for 1 year, after which the exam has to be taken again
  • State Bank of India & its associates will not participate in this common test & hence would conduct a separate examination for vacancies in its group.

With this proposed change the biggest benefit for bank job aspirants would be on the fee payment front application fees registering for each recruitment.


Most importantly, the time taken in selection & appointment would come down drastically benefitting the banks & applicants.


If you are new & wish to sit for bank exams, visit upcoming bank exams to keep track of IBPS exams & banking jobs.

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nawab sheriff said...

happy to see the number of vacancies..... will the common selection process helps to candidate?????.....because he will get only one chance to perform , if he losses it means thats it.....

Atul said...

I want to know that in this exam selection wii be on state wise or it is based on all india level exam

Rohit said...

i heard from some where the bank board wil be organized in 2012.so till then other bank wil post their recuirtment jobs or not.

pragati said...

Thank you Banks Job India for all the information....

swathi said...

iam still pursuing my studies...i have two doubts...
the first one still how many more years will bamk recruit the candidates..
the second is only the students who completed their degree(b.tech/mba)are elligible to job..?or any student who is studying can also apply for bank jobs..

hope i will get reply...

Bank jobs in India said...

Swathi, There will be recruitment in bank regularly as there employees retire.
It is better if you complete a degree & apply, so u will have more weightage

sumit said...

its good that a common test will be conducted for the selection but what will be the age limit for clerk and po exams !!!!!!!!!!!!!

tauqeer said...

really this is a big opportunity to them who want their career in banking sector

Angel said...

Hi Iam working for some s/w company as a s/w engineer and i ve a bond period for 2 years here.. So wen can i apply for this bank jobs.. I ve few nore doubts.. will the recruitment board see any experience before appearing for this bank jobs becaz iam 2008 passed out btech CSE graduate and will have only 3 yrs experience by the end of 2012.. Pls clarify on this.. pls let me know on this so that i can quit this job and appear for bank jobs

Anonymous said...


1. recruitment process is a continual process. Each year we get to see banks conducting many exams.
2. Any one with a degree is qualified to attend these exams. Its just enough that by the time you write exams, you should have a degree.

Anonymous said...

Especially for Angel : No need to leave the job continue the job and if you are interesting in the banks then u hav to first go with the Entrance test Interview and then GD, After giving the exam the whole process will take around atleast 6 months to process all these things. Why i m saying to you becoz i am also a software developer and trying for the bank exams But yet not got the success.

Anonymous said...

fOR THOSE WHO ARE in sotware like Angel and Praveen here .
Quit software only if you feel you cant succeed in tht feild . I quit in 2008 and joined bank in 2009 .
But before joinig you need to keep in mind tht as an officer every three or four years there is transfer . So especially for you ladies if you are well settled in s/w i would advice you to stay there. or else your wish The main advantage is job security . But the relocation till retiremnt will make it dificult to settle down in one place. As i am finding it dificult .But not discourage you ,If you feel you are in wrong job rightnow .Go for it
The number of years experience in spftware doesnt matter here
All the best

anitha said...

hi this is anitha...for succeeding in the bank jobs is it necessary to go for bank coaching if not which books i have to refer?can u giv me suggestion plz.reply me soon.