IBPS Common PO Exam 2011 – How Did Candidates Perform?

common bank exam answer doubts,ibps common written examanswers,ibps common bank po exam cutoffThe 1st ever common written exam (CWE) for PO/MT posts was conducted by IBPS at various centres across India on Sep 18 2011.A pass in this test will enable them to apply for bank jobs in 19 public sector banks of India.Come June 17, 2012 aspirants will again sit for the CWE.


Experiences shared by others can help others avoid doing the same mistakes again.

Some candidates had sent in their review of CWE 2011, which is being reproduced in their own words for your benefit.


How did you perform?


Vignesh details his exp. as,

Filling the bio-data form itself took 25-30 mins.The answer sheets were distributed around 9:20 a.m and by 9:30 a.m. questions papers were given. After filling the bio-data form I started the exam around 9:40a.m.


In 45 mins, I attended only 22 questions in reasoning since it was tricky. At the same time invigilator was checking answer sheet to make sure there is no error in filling the bio-data. Then they took thumb impression in attendance list as well as on the exam call letter.All these took around 3-5 mins.


In QA, i attended only 10 questions which itself ate 30 mins and i hence moved over to the next sections GA,computer awareness & english attending 29,30 and 22 respectively in 35-40 mins time. In the last 10 mins – I returned to the QA to answer 10-12 of which was able to solve only seven as others were tricky.


I was totally disappointed with these and was not able to concentrate in descriptive & left an essay.


Neha says,

The QA section was time consuming & I was unable to allocate time planned for other sections.The computer awareness questions seemed to be of high level.There were many comprehensions in english section which again took more time.GA was okay.


Manish explains his situation,

It was really unexpected.The reasoning paper was tough than SBI & SBI associate exams. I was calm after answering other sections in 45 mins and hoped to solve atleast 35 Q of reasoning in remaining time, but became nervous on seeing the questions. Finally attended only 23 Q with only 70% accuracy.


Ashish was on the same page as others,

I was really going strong after solving 100+ questions in GA, Computer & English in 01 hr 10 minutes. But the lengthy questions in QA section made me to solve only 15 questions in 1 Hr.


Test sections:

Apart from the above voices many others summarized their attempts…


Lack of time: This was a commonly heard answer from many candidates when asked about the paper.

Duration of the exam is 2 hr & 30 mins (objective) & 1 Hr for descriptive test

Lengthy questions, need to perform many calculations for arriving at correct answer etc., were top reasons.


Reasoning & QA: More than 50% were of the view that reasoning & quantitative contained high level questions which led them to spend more time on these two sections.


GK, English & Computers – Easy?: There were mixed opinions about the English language section.But majority claimed them to be easy while few complained of twisted questions!


The same can be said about general/ banking awareness & computer knowledge questions.Many had infact prepared well in these subjects by referring newspapers & previous solved papers


Lessons to learn:

From the experiences & views shared above, here is a list of things that you should concentrate on while appearing for the IBPS common written exam.

  • Time is gold.Make use of it appropriately.
  • Complete answering the easy & known questions/ sections first.
  • Take calculative risk for doubtful answers (read minimize negative marks by guessing)
  • Don't stick onto one question for more than 10 minutes unless it requires detailed workings.
  • Decide on the time to allot for each section while preparing itself & stick to it during the test.
  • Finally, don't take descriptive test lightly.

We hope this post would have thrown some light on things to expect on the exam day.

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Trupti said...

i too had the same problem..because i gave more time to QA was not able to do English section. Am really disappointed. :(

darpan said...

yes, the resoning was tough and same as it with quant.......if anyone has the info. when the results will be out.....??

Veeramani Kaliamoorthy said...

yes the question in banking awareness is so lengthy .. to read and understanding the question itself take time...n the QA is tricky and Reasoning is much more tricky than the QA..

bank awareness questions asked from bank processing like .. which account accessed by cheque...
wish next exam must be not like tis...

Ashish Chaturvedi from Ayodhya said...

The problems and execuses are same as others pointed out. I was really on a very good track as I solved 100+ questions of GA,Computer & English in 01 hr and 10 minutes but the very lengthy questions of Maths sucked 1 hrs for just 15 questions eliminating my chance of qualifying the CWE.

Binoy said...

It was really surprising. The reasoning & general awareness specially the banking questions were tough.IBPS has followed the pattern of SBI.Though we do not have the right to ask why they had put questions like this but at least they should give some hint so that somebody prepare according to that.It is really bad to see the yearlong hard labour goes in vain.

PuNkaJ Sk said...

Punkaj singh from Delhi

Well i must said , now lot of excuses raised by student including me. but what to do, CWE maths section was too lengthy it digest my lot of time . I was happy before completed my maths and English section, but later_____. I left my some question in English because of Aptitude........hope better luck next time

VIGNESH said...

Filling the bio-data form itself will take minimum 25-30 mins time. they gave the answer sheet around 9:20 a.m and by 9:30 a.m. questions papers were given to start the exam once after filling the bio-data form i started the exam around 9:40 or 9:45 a.m.Reasoning took around 45 mins attending only 22 questions since it was tricky.In the mean time the invigilator were checking answer paper if anything was missed in filling the bio-data and took thumb impression in attendance list as well as on the call-letter for written exam. It took some 3-5 mins.Quants i attended some 10 questions initially which took 30-35 mins and i switched over to the next sections GA ,COMPUTER AWARENESS and English attending 29,30 and 22 respectively in 35-40 mins time and the last 10 mins again i started to attend qa section with 10-12 out of which only seven were solved with the rest 5 answers simply ticking.Becoz of this i felt totally disapponting and i didn't feel like concentrating in descriptive as i left an essay. So when the next clerk exam which is scheduled on nov 27th should be organised in a proper way that all call-letter verification,filling of bio-data ,thumb impression needs to be checked before start of the exam atleast 15-20 mins time can be saved.

kunal kumar said...

It was really unexpected that REASONING paper ll be more tufter than SBI & SBI Asso. i was really calm after solving the rest of sec in 1.45 min and believe that ll solve at least 35 Q of Reasoning in 45 min, but when i saw the level, became nervous and attempted only 23 Q with only 70% accuracy. don't know what ll happen.............request of IBPS BOARD to keep cutoff marks of reasoning below than decided.

arun said...

hi all my dear frnds....

i gave my bank p.o. exams...i want to say that paper was easy..i attempted 170 questions...but i know i would not qualify....next attempt me jrur krunga...hum sab exam ko lengthy ya tough nahi keh sakte...qki its not a child's play to clear the bank p.o. exam///we all would have to work hard more and more.....or hum ko cooperate karna chaiye....we shud help each other for any of the problem.... frnds you can follow me on arunpawaria1988@gmail.com
at facebook.....and one more thing bankexamsindia is a great website for all the applicants who wants to crack the bank exams...Thanx to all the team members of this website..i am very oblised and thankful to all of you

cantabil said...

according me after discussion with my other friend who's paper is in morning section the paper in evening section is more diffcult than morning.english section is more difficult than other po exams like sbi etc.the pattren is also almost 60% change.reasioning & q.a is also time consuming.on the whole the 1st cwe is not a good exprience for me.

Anonymous said...

The QA section was too time taking so b'coz of that i was unable to give time which i was planned to other sections. Computer & Reasoning part was tough. Computer was filled with the questions which was high level only can be answered by BCA or MCA candidates. There was too much of comprehensions in English section which was also very time taking and the comprehensions were also not so easy. GA was OK. The total pattern of the paper was SBI based.
Overall it was not a good attempt from my side although i have prepared it well.

Prem said...

hi friends,
in my opinion bank exam compitition us one of the easiest exam conducted in our country yet some people are comlaining about tough or lenthy ques.

instead of complaining ibps for this we should improve ourselves for this............

wishing you all the best for result.................

Venkataramana said...

Hi friends, whatever the reasons about previous IBPS PO's
we didn't qualify so don't wast time in exam.
Before exams starts invigilaters should compleet all the formalities like taking thumb and signs,

so we can much better without interupting......

All the very best.....

Thanks to Bankexamsindia.com