Test of Computer Knowledge – Topics & Model Questions

computer awareness exams,computer bank exam Most candidates feel questions asked in computer section are easy & answerable.This may be to the regular usage of computers for our daily activities.But what to expect in test of computers? Here is a guide about the

question pattern that can be expected in IBPS common written exam.


Test of Computer knowledge:

The main intent of this test is to check the awareness of computers & its operations among applicants.Computer terminals have replaced large chunks of physical documents in banks.So it becomes necessary for a candidate to have good knowledge of operating a system in adding, retrieving or searching details of customers.

The important chapters to concentrate while preparing for computer test & the topics to cover under them are given below along with few sample questions,

  • Computer hardware (function & uses of various devices) 
    • What is the most widely used input device?
    • What is the function of CPU?
    • Difference between RAM & ROM
  • Windows OS (origin of windows,versions,salient features etc.,)
    • In Windows XP, what does XP stand for?
    • What does GUI mean?
  • Shortcut keys & its actions
    • CTRL+O initiates what action
    • What happens with CTRL+P
  • MS Word, Powerpoint & Access (know about the basic tools,operations & working on a new document)
    • What is the meaning of macros
    • What is find & replace?
    • What does the “T” icon mean?
  • MS Excel (cells, columns, sorting, filtering, merging, functions, formulas)
    • What program saves a file with .xls extension
    • What is the purpose of using Excel software
  • Internet & Networks (LAN, WAN,Wi-Fi,File sharing,servers,router)
    • What is the command to check connectivity between 2 systems?
    • What is a modem
    • What does WWW stand for?
  • Virus
    • Questions about computer virus, Trojan, Blackhorse, Keyloggers, Firewalls, Anti-virus & precautions to prevent virus attacks
  • Latest news from computer field
    • What is the name of the recent supercomputer
    • Apple computers run on what OS?
  • Technologies & terms used in banking (ATM, Internet banking etc.,)
    • How ATMs communicate with each other
    • What is the meaning of phishing
    • What is e-governance

Books for computer awareness are available on Internet also.Some are,

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The following presentation has few model question papers,

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