Reasoning in Bank Exams – Topics to Cover & Preparation Tips

We have been covering the various sections of common written exam & inline with that, the analysis of ‘Test of reasoning’ is here.Apart from bank exams, this section is also a part of many placement tests,competitive exams & CAT/ MAT.So knowing how to prepare for reasoning section can help you with other exams as well incase you intend to appear for them.


reasoning work,preparing for logical reasoningLogical reasoning tests your thinking capabilities.In this paper, options for each question will look similar but the correct answer must be chosen by judging the right strategy & taking into account various factors described in the question.


As mentioned in most banking exam patterns, the reasoning section normally has,


Questions: 40 - 50 | Total marks: 40 - 50 | Negative mark: 0.25 for wrong answer


Topics: Along with a list of probable chapters, explanations or few sample questions are  provided to give you a better understanding.

  • Arrangement of words (sample: If MOUSE has a code word of PRUQC, what is the code for SHIFT)
  • Representation through Venn-diagrams (you will have to choose the next pattern from the answers)
  • Number & symbols ordering (choose the next among a specific set of words or numbers)
  • Comprehension questions (max of 3)
  • Statement & assumptions (few sentences would be given & based on what you understand from them, answer must be chosen)
  • Statement & conclusions (from the Interrelated sentences, select one answer which is true)
  • Statement & actions (understand the given situation & choose a correct decision, from the options).
  • The above four topics would account for nearly 15-17 questions out of 50. 

Preparing for reasoning does not involve reading any theory materials. All you need are – focus on the question, take it to your mind & pick the correct option

  • Just like numerical ability, constant practice is necessary to answer reasoning questions.
  • The statements & comprehension questions might confuse you.In that case, proceed to answer the other sections & return to reasoning part later.
  • Don't guess the answers in reasoning as all options seem correct & in most case you would get it wrong.Also the negative marks can hurt your final score.
  • Although the questions will not be of the level asked in CAT or MAT exams, those study materials can be referred to try out different sets.

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