Test of English Language - Topics to Cover & Books

english book,english language bank exam,prepare for english common exam With candidates busy preparing for IBPS PO & clerk common exams, this is the right time to brushup your English language skills.We have already talked a lot about improving your english skills.For late starters, it may not be possible to start from scratch just before the common exams.


Hence we have listed the important topics to concentrate while preparing for English, especially for those weak in this part & are looking for guidance.

Test of English Language:

As the name suggests, this section is to check your knowledge about english language.

Although questions are of basic level, the options will confuse the candidate as 3 out of 4 would look similar.Practice & proper time allocation will enable you to complete the section easily.

As stated in the exam notifications, this part comprises of questions for 40 marks & they will be considered for final score.


Topics to Cover:

The below list is not definitive but concentrating on these chapters will help you to attend atleast 80% of the paper.

  • Comprehension question (answer based on the given passage)
    • Questions would not be direct & hence have to understand the passage to answer.
  • Usage of words
    • Fill in the blanks with a correct word from the choices
  • Meanings & Opposites
    • A phrase may be given asking you to choose a single word similar or opposite in meaning.
  • Tenses (past, present, future & their variations)
    • example: gave,give,giving,had given,have been giving
  • Sentence formation
    • complete the sentence by selecting the best words from options
  • Error spotting (finding grammatical errors in a sentence)
  • Ordering (random sentences to be arranged in a sequential manner)
  • Preposition (above,down,under,between,till etc.,) & Conjunctions (and, but,or,yet,although,since etc.)
  • Choosing the right adjective, noun or verb in completing a sentence

The above were compiled by referring previous IBPS PO & clerk exam papers.



It is always advisable to begin your preparations with some popular reference materials.Here are some to kickstart.


* English language guide (with objective questions) – Rs.225 – Buy online


We cant guarantee that questions will be asked only from the above areas but they certainly shall serve as a starting point for English test preparations.

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