IBPS not Trying to Make Money from CWE: Director [Exclusive]

In continuation of the first part of our interaction with the IBPS director Mr.M.Balachandran, here we publish the final part wherein he explains about the process in detail, working of IBPS & things that candidates must remember.He reacted to accusations of candidates by stressing that IBPS does not gain anything by exploiting the individuals.


This is a fairly long adaption & we would urge you to read it slowly to understand the contents.


In the previous part, he had talked about usage, validity & blocking of CWE scorecards 


IBPS under RTI?

Many seem to have a doubt about this & we put forth the same before the director.He says,


IBPS is a self financing, not-for-profit organization promoted by RBI & public sector bank & not funded by government.


Though we are not under RTI, I would like to assure that IBPS is an organization where nothing can wrong as there is absolutely no human intervention.


Evaluation methods

On the process of evaluation he said,


Every answer sheet is first fed into scanners & scanned twice; their images are captured & processed as scores by computers.


Incase of any discrepancy like improper shading or any other error is found in the second scan, they will be physically verified.There are several validation steps for objective & descriptive papers.


Why banks shortlist only some candidates though many are qualified?

This is also one of the most commonly asked question by aspirants.Read on for Mr.Balachandran`s reply,


Any company hiring employees looks for people with consistent meritorious performance in SSLC, 12th & degree levels. Likewise every bank has its own eligibility criteria.


He quotes an example,

Lets say 1 lakh candidates have qualified in the exam.A bank has 1000 vacancies & they wish to call 3000 people for interview.All 1 lakh candidates cannot get into the interview stage


Based on the TWS scores of applicants banks will have to fix higher cutoff as it is also not humanly possible to conduct session for all of them.


As days pass by, cutoffs would decrease & others will also become eligible.


On banks fixing different edu. qualifications

Although IBPS had set minimum graduation marks as 50% to appear for CWE, banks while inviting applications for their vacancies did not prescribe any minimum marks & some prescribed 55% or 60%.Asking about the reason for this non uniform nature he said,


When we conduct a eligible test we didn’t want to exclude those who scored less than 55% since there won’t be any separate exam for them but there may be banks which recruit them as well.


By this method, everyone becomes eligible & depending on the conditions prescribed by bank, they shall apply.


On Complaints

Yes, we did some mails from our readers complaining that the IBPS notification did not give full information.This was the director`s detailed response:


People were paying Rs.400 – Rs.500 earlier to appear for each bank exams.Now you have to pay once, qualify & wait for the kind of bank you wish to join. But there will be screening process at each stage. 


If people wish to become an officer in bank & do not understand the ad. how will they become a good officer?

People must read every single word of our advertisement. Neither we have misled nor are we trying to make money out of this process.

All these are done to facilitate applicants & they must understand the entire concept.


On banks fixing cutoffs

About 80% of the emails that we receive are related to cutoffs fixed by each bank.Why do banks have to fix their own score? IBPS head explains,


The total no.of applications received by each bank is several times higher than the vacancies.So they will have to screen again & call only 3 or 4 times the no. of posts for interview.To facilitate this, cutoffs are fixed based on the TWS scores of applicants.


No. of vacancies in banks

More than the exams applicants are more concerned about the number of upcoming bank jobs.He disclosed the below,


Last year 48000 posts were filled, of which approximately 15,000 were officers & rest were clerical cadre.


Although the numbers depend on each bank the same trend is expected to continue this year also.Considering the retirements, opening of new branches & need to increase workforce in present branches - no. of postings are only going to increase each year


In addition to these 19 public sector banks, many private banks have also expressed interest in using these IBPS CWE scores for their recruitments.


On non-selection & frustration

The comments left on this website by unselected candidates are proof of their mindset. We wished to know the director`s thoughts on this.He said this,


It is human physcology to feel low on not getting selected even after preparing so hard. But in India, govt jobs are in great demand & this is an exam that carries high value. Although we can’t help disappointments we are sensitive to their feelings.


That is the reason for us to take a straight forward approach & declare all the procedures at the beginning.


Final words

Sir, anything you wish to say to finally?


The common written exam is being conducted to avoid appearing multiple times for exams but candidates must remember that it is only a qualifying exam.

Qualifying is one step & selection followed by joining is another step.

Now we have simplified the process by removing the numerous exams they have to site for.Also if someone feels the scores are not good enough for selection they are provided with more opportunities to upgrade their marks.


We don’t get anything by exploiting individuals.



BankExamsIndia.com, on behalf of its readers wishes to thank Mr.M.Balachandran (Director,IBPS) for having agreed to clarify the doubts associated with the process.


We hope this interview would have shed some light for you to know how things work & the concept of CWE from the organizers itself.

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