Candidates Question Selection Process of IBPS & Banks

bank jobs questions,IBPS cwe exam review,bank jobs in india questions Anything new is often welcomed with criticism & the latest selection procedure adopted for recruitment of bank jobs in India haven't escaped either.While individual exams were conducted by each bank earlier, Govt.of India decided on a common written test mainly to cut down on the time taken to complete each project which ranged between 8 –10 months.


Accordingly, IBPS was entrusted with the task of conducting exams,publishing results & issuing scorecards to qualified candidates.The real confusion began after banks started to shortlist candidates by fixing cutoffs.


Looking at high scorers being called for interviews in atleast 3-4 banks, those in the

sub-160 score range have become impatient & are speaking amongst themselves through social websites against such a practice .


too many questions of candidates,questions about bank jobs,bank job selection process But what are the concerns of these bank job aspirants?


We have compiled their most commonly raised queries at the IBPS & public banks (read it as asked by candidates themselves)



  • Will every qualified person get atleast a single interview chance?
  • What is the need to pass over 1.1 lac candidates when there could be only 20k PO vacancies this year?
  • Why cant IBPS cancel or seize the scorecards of those who have joined a bank? (No need for scorecard block, says IBPS director)

There were many direct posers to IBPS, but has come down with the release of PO & clerk exams score lists on seeing which many heaved a sigh of relief.

To Banks:

  • Rather than charging fees from all applicants, why don't banks collect it only from those who get shortlisted?
  • Why are the same high scorers being called for interviews when they shall join any one only.
  • Isn't possible to impose some limitations so other scorers would also get few chances?
  • What will the banks do if a person finally selected doesn't join?
  • Is there any possibility to release waiting lists/ second list?
  • The interview dates for 2 banks falls on the same date.How can a candidate shortlisted in both attend?
  • Will unfilled vacancies be transferred to next year`s recruitment or would it be completed within the same year of its advertisement?
  • Why don't banks complete their hiring process one by one to avoid multiple selections?

Too many questions but very little or no answers.With each bank recruitment, candidates are growing nervous about their chances of entering the final stages & ofcourse about their future.

A request…

If any officials of IBPS & banks chance to read this article, they must consider allaying the fears of candidates & infuse confidence about the new selection procedure among these future bank employees!!

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