Changes Coming in Bank Selections;To Restrict Multiple Offers

welcome-decision-for-bank-jobs It seems there is light at the end of the tunnel for candidates with low scores in the IBPS conducted common written examination (CWE).Banks have decided to place a check on those who despite being selected in one or more banks, still appear for interviews in other banks.


A slew of proposals were discussed and decisions have been taken in last weeks`s meeting  attended by the IBPS, HR heads of public banks & Indian banks association, reports BL


As a result of it - the following changes have been agreed upon

Non-Graduation for Clerks

Earlier this month, few banks which announced clerical recruitment had fixed graduation as minimum educational qualification to apply.It was in relation with Khandelwal committee`s recommendation submitted to govt last year.Candidates without a degree but have qualified in the clerical CWE expressed shocked.


Now, it has been decided by banks to postpone the implementation of ‘graduates only’ rule for clerk posts.


By this move, non graduates would also become eligible to apply for clerical vacancies advertised this year.


Reduction in Fees

Before submitting the online applications applicants are to remit fees in the branches of recruiting banks.Since the fees are non-refundable candidates who aren't shortlisted for interviews were complaining of spending money for just applying.


Sensing discomfort, banks seem to have agreed on reducing the charges to Rs.100 from Rs.200 & Rs.20 from Rs.50.


But its not known for which posts (PO or clerk) this change would be effective but is a welcome move


Multiple Offers

There were heated arguments about multiple selections offered by banks to a section of top scorers, while others could not even secure a single call for interviews.The delay caused by these people in joining should have made banks to arrive at a decision.


Banks have decided to

  • Minimize the joining time to 3 weeks
  • Maintain adequate no. of candidates in waiting list
  • Award the offer to the next eligible candidate (from waiting list) if the selected person doesn't turn up
  • To conduct interviews for unfilled posts with already applied candidates (only if waitlist is exhausted)

The proposed changes would certainly bring cheer to the numerous young people aspiring for bank jobs.


Though registrations were over a month ago, some banks are yet to announce interviews.We believe the delay could be due to above reasons.

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shrawanram sankhala said...

IBPS .HR Heads and IBA take good decisionand will be better for job seeker's

Sumit Jindal said...

Sir but so far who does not clear with minor line earlier now clrd but it have took long time almost 7 months but yet not eligible for interview what for them