Latest Group Discussion Topics with Tips to Answer them

Group discussion are not part of the selection process for jobs in public sector banks only.They are also conducted for UPSC, CAT, Civil service type of recruitments & in IT companies.But few banks are turning towards GD nowadays mainly to filter the high level of competition & select only those who posses all round capabilities.


Many readers had asked us to provide group discussion topics especially after certain banks shortlisted candidates for next selection phases.So here are some for you to get ready for upcoming bank jobs


What's the need for GD?group-discussion-topics

The panel not only looks at the content of your discussion but awards marks for your communication skills, thought process & translating them into words which everyone can understand.


Most importantly, your ability to work in a team is noted by marking under these parameters.

* Are you allowing enough space for other members to perform,

* How do you take criticism

* Are you polite in registering your protest or going over the top.

We have compiled some topics that shall be relevant for the current times along with tips to answer them.


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail

This topic has been in the news for some time now & is widely reported across news papers & news channels.So collecting points to speak wont be a problem.


While voicing your support, mention about the

  • healthy competition that foreign stores would create that can bring down prices.
  • farmers getting their proper share due to direct procurement of these stores
  • availability of varied products for consumers
  • possibility of lower inflation
  • chance of creating more jobs in retail sector

If you plan to speak against FDI into retail sector, raise these points

  • small traders & stores could lose to high end multi brand stores
  • cheap imported goods might wipe out Indian products
  • govt. must control middle men & hoarders to strengthen the current chain than to allow foreign companies into India
  • policies must be formulated to increase production
  • local farmers will benefit only if these companies procure from them.What if they don't?


Quick tip: Don't talk in support once & start protesting the next time.Decide on which side you want to be at the beginning itself & stick to it.

Influence of Social Media

This topic is related to the current generation as many youngsters are hooked on to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.,You will have to discuss on whether these activities create a positive or negative influence on their minds?


Lets look at the statements that can be put forth while speaking in favour,

  • being on social networking sites keeps us hooked on to the latest events happening across the world
  • helps to be in touch with our friends while sharing important infos instantly
  • many companies directly approach prospective candidates through social media(such as linkedin) & offer jobs.
  • community & social initiatives are launched on these networks which sees high participation by youth making them more responsible.
  • ability to interact with people of authority who might help in careers or entrepreneurship at some stage.

Against social media,

  • our personal information could be viewed by everyone if proper privacy controls are not set.
  • there is no control on the items shared which means all good and bad is available for free access.
  • decreases our productivity at workplaces due to chats with friends
  • high amount of personal abuse happens online only through such social networks
  • all our details, photos, videos could be misused incase of account hacks
  • people have lost their jobs for posting/ sharing sensitive details about their company.
  • organizations may not offer job if you had said something bad about them on a social networking page


Quick tip: It is not necessary for the panel to select only those who initiate or close the GD session.


The content of your speech & the ability to communicate it effectively matters most.(also read 3 tips to crack your next group discussion)



If you are looking for guides or books to prepare for group discussions or more latest GD topics the following reference shall be helpful.


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For Practice

Here are some more topics for you to work on.. 

  • Dependence on monsoons
  • Gold investments by Indians – is it for good or bad
  • Should government subsidies continue?
  • Linking of Indian rivers
  • Rating agencies lower india`s outlook to negative
  • Nuclear family vs Joint family
  • Is Indian economy insulated from the global slowdown
  • Are we relying too much on computers for daily works?
  • Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian
  • Test match cricket vs One day
  • Is IPL promoting betting?
  • Internet censorship
  • Should bribes be legalized?
  • Female infanticide
  • Renewable energy sources


    To Do:

    Having read all these subjects, its time for you to action.But where to start from?


  • Take a paper & write down what you can think of the subject - for and against.


  • Use simple words to frame sentences.Read it to others & check if they can understand.If not, start afresh. 


    We hope this article on group discussion topics, tips & skills required would not only help you in preparing for GD`s but will train you in framing the required points.

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