‘Why did you choose Bank Job’ [PNB Interview Experience]

prepare for interview,how to prepare for bank jobs,bank jobs in india,bank exams 2009Preparing for bank interview questions could be a daunting task for many especially if your efforts aren't rewarded.In such cases, consulting with people who made it through can greatly help.For those who could not access such professionals, we regularly post on the best answers for common questions & real life experiences of candidates.


With no individual exams to write, aspirants are to be only interviewed for upcoming bank jobs & qualifying in it is very important for final selection. In line with that, here is one such experience shared by our reader.


Mr. Himanshu bharti from Delhi with score of 162 (SC) was shortlisted by Punjab national bank as part of their management trainees recruitment.The interview was held on June 19


In addition to questions he also gives some valuable tips for bank interviews that others could follow. Now, over to him.


I entered a room that had 4 members.I greeted them individually following which I was asked to take a seat.


1st examiner: Introduce yourself.

A: I was prepared for this question, so answered it easily.

Do not recite your resume.Tell only those which you want the panelist should know.

This was my answer - ‘My name is Himanshu Bharti. My home town is Gorakhpur but now living in delhi with my father and preparing for various competitive exams’.Then told about my educational background.


After that I wanted them to know about my aim.Hence said, ‘Aim of my life is to accomplish my talents and to be useful to the society’. After that I mentioned about my hobbies, strong & weak areas.

Q: Have you been to village? What are the differences between a village & metro city?

I told them that I have never stayed in any village as there are not many facilities available but basic need can be fulfilled.In village we can stay close to the nature & resources are pure.It would be hard for those who depend on artificial lifestyle but for simple lifestyle it’s not bad


2nd member: Do you read newspapers?

A: I said yes.Times Of India.


What is today’s main headline?

I said ‘Fitch rating agency changed India’s outlook from stable to negative.


He asked me what will be its impact on India?

I said that investors will hesitate to invest in India & Indian government will find it little difficult to borrow money from other countries.


He asked me how?

I explained about the investment coming in through FII and how these ratings could affect the country.


Then he asked me tell me other country where investor can invest now?

I said, China but he asked ‘and’.Then I said Brazil & Russia.


The next question was to name the BRICS nations?

It was answered. (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)



2nd panelist: What did you do after passing from college in 2010?

I said my percentage was low so I couldn't appear for campus placement.After completing college, I was searching for job & also preparing for GATE.Finally in march 2011, I joined as Drive Test Engineer in telecom sector.After 3 months, I quit that job to start preparing for competition exams & got selected in SSC and then in banks.


Q: why did you leave the job as telecom sector is a booming sector?

A: It was a field job & chance of promotion was after 2-3 years.Moreover I was not getting the right platform for my development.


Q: Why choosing bank job after B.Tech? You can try for a different telecom company.

A: B.tech developed my technical skills, made my mind sharper & developed my analytical abilities.Now I approach things differently (like asking why, how, where etc). So I can use these technicalities in a bank & show better output.


I also said, B.Tech developed leadership qualities in me as I organized & participated in many events during college.This will help me in leading my staff later in a bank.


I have good communication skills so I can provide good customer service (learned it from this site only).


So bank job fits me very well as it will be a good platform to develop my talent.Also banking is one among the growing sectors that offers good salary package and high promotion chances.

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The 3rd examiner was watching me from the moment I entered the room & did not ask any question. (consider reading, 7 simple tips to behave inside an interview hall)



4th panelist: What if you are selected in SSC again and get a desired profile?

A:  Sir everyone opts for the best opportunity. I think bank & SSC jobs are nearly the same.Banks have some advantages and disadvantages too.


It will be useless for me to leave a bank & join SSC because within one year I would have learned a lot about banking sector.To waste that knowledge and start again doesn’t sound good to me.


My main goal is PCS (Provincial Civil Services).If I get selected in that later in life, I will definitely leave bank job.


After this, they said, ‘Thank you Mr.Himanshu and Best Of Luck’.


According to me getting this compliment from the panel means - you will get good marks in interview.


Here ends the interview session of Mr.Bharti but he provides some important interview tips for other candidates.


More to add

So far, I have given 5 interviews & here are my observations that I would like to divulge to others

  • Your appearance has a great impact on the interviewer.Wear neat & clean clothes
  • Male candidates must be clean shaven.My BOI interview was excellent, but at the end I was asked “Why didn't you shave?(although i had, before 2 days).Though I gave a suitable answer, am sure it was the reason for them to not choose me.
  • Most importantly, prepare well for commonly asked questions rather than difficult ones. (read how to answer common bank interview questions) 


For your information, Mr.Himanshu has been selected for appointment as Management trainee in Punjab national bank

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