Crack IBPS Clerk Exam 2015 | 15 Days Final Plan & Cutoff Methods

How to crack IBPS Clerk Prelims,IBPS Clerk Exam Study Plan,Expected IBPS Clerk Cutoffs,Last minute preparation for IBPS Clerk prelims 2015The big day for clerk job aspirants is round the corner as the call letter for IBPS Clerk Exam 2015 is available now.For the first time ever bank clerical exams are to be conducted in two stages – Prelims & Main Exams.With exactly 3 more weeks remaining for the preliminary test, here is the final study plan to crack IBPS clerk exam that many were asking.


The date of online prelims examination is – 5, 6, 12 & 13 December 2015.So you have just 15 more days to learn, practice & get ready for India`s only exam to recruit for clerk posts in govt banks.


Last 2 Weeks – Things you Should Do:

We had earlier published a detailed 60 day study plan for IBPS clerk covering all the necessary topics to cover.So I hope most of you might have started the clerk exam preparations in advance as well.


So here are the things that you need to do in the next 15 days.


Week 1: Settle down with a list of topics that you need to concentrate.Incase you have missed some chapters, this should be your time to study them one last time.

  • This is your revision period.See if you have understood the concepts, steps to follow in solving them etc.,
  • Incase you are weak in a section, allot more time everyday to learn it specifically.
  • While revising, prepare a notebook with shortcuts, formula & speed tips.This will be extremely useful for last minute preparations.

Get a practice workbook that contains atleast 20 different sets & begin answering those exercises.I am giving a popular title that will useful for practicing.Checkout IBPS Clerk 30 Practice Sets Workbook for Rs.180 to buy online


Final Week 2: We will have just 7 more days for IBPS prelims now.Don’t try to learn anything new during this period as it may lead to unnecessary anxiousness & confusion.

  • Start taking up online mock tests.We would recommend IBPS Clerk Online Mock Tests (20 Tests) for Rs.399 – Click here to Buy 
  • Complete 5 tests initially to know how your current level.
  • A detailed report is given at the end of the each mock test showing your performance in each test, time taken, accuracy etc.,
  • Now using these reports, improve on your work areas while attending the remaining mock tests.

The IBPS clerk prelims could be easy BUT with just 1 hour to complete 100 questions, you need to extremely swift in answering.So reserve the final weeks only for practice.


PRACTICE is the only way to work to perfect your time management & accuracy skills.


I am Starting Only Now.What To Do?

If you were not able to spend time in preparing due to current work or various other reasons, then the following tips may save you:

  • Begin by taking online mock tests straightaway.Of the 20 mocks available here for Rs.399, attend the first 5.
  • Make a note of your strong & weak topics in each section that is displayed after each test.
  • Look at the test report & study the topics mentioned in them by buying a study guide.
  • After learning the basics, reappear for the balance online tests by completing 2 – 3 sets/ day.

This is surely a fast track method for those who don’t have time but there is no option left other than this.


By concentrating on the common questions, there is a higher chance for you to get qualified in prelims rather than going blank.


Clerk Prelims Cutoffs

We are getting many questions from candidates asking about the expected IBPS clerk prelims cutoffs.So we felt it necessary to clear certain things about them.

  • You need to secure a minimum cutoff on each test & also on the total score
  • A candidate will not qualify if he/she does not posses the required score in any 1 section.

Although the clerical vacancies are filled state-wise, IBPS has not disclosed anything on methodology they are going to follow in fixing the cutoffs.


Most probably there will be a common cutoff for all states in preliminary test stage, for administrative reasons. State-wise cutoffs could be implemented only for main exam like in previous year recruitments.


Whatever it may be, we advise candidates to increase their number of correct attempts & NOT to think too much about cutoffs before the exams.


The safe number of attempts would be 65 or above with atleast 90% accuracy


The prelims exam is only of qualifying nature.Your scores in this test wont be taken for final selection BUT you need to successfully clear this test to become eligible for the mains.


Do you have any other last minute study plan for IBPS clerk prelims exam? Share it below.

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