101 Speed Tests to Improve Speed in PO Exam [Book Review]

bank exam books review_bankexamsindia,buy IBPS bank PO exam books online How to prepare for IBPS PO exam 2014 is one question that is commonly seen on major online forums.But do you know implementing the learning is harder than preparing.To get a job allotment in public sector banks recruitment, attending all questions with maximum accuracy is compulsory than securing the cutoff marks.


Time management is an important criteria that candidates have to bear in mind while appearing for IBPS PO exams.In October you will have to sit for a 2 hour online test carrying 200 marks.This roughly translates to about 1.6 minutes for each question.


In simple words, you should read a question on screen, understand it, do some thinking or calculations & choose the correct answer in just 66 seconds.Do you now understand the power of time?


The best way to improve your answering time is through practice.The more you start practicing, better are the chances of answering a question in shortest time.

Crack IBPS PO exam book review,101 speed tests for IBPS PO exam review


The book review for today is titled ‘101 Speed Tests for IBPS Bank PO CWE’ from the popular publisher Disha publication.Buy online for Rs.233


They claim it to the 1st & the most innovative preparatory material for bank PO exams.


95 Topic-wise Tests

It is time most of you would know the IBPS PO exam pattern.Hence this book also follows the same structure but in a more detailed manner.


Every section comprises of questions from important topics that are part of the syllabus.See below for the breakup:


Section name

No. of Topics covered in book

Quantitative Aptitude 31
Reasoning 30
English 14
Computer knowledge 6
General knowledge 15


In addition to the above, 5 sectional tests are provided to brush up your knowledge. Finally a full length mock practice paper is also given. 101 speed tests IBPS PO exam book review_2,IBPS PO exam books


Solutions with Explanations101 speed tests IBPS PO exam book review_1,buy IBPS bank po exam books

We hear from many candidates that some exam books stop at just mentioning the  correct answer & don’t offer any reasons behind choosing them.


It is not worth to buy such books as understanding the steps involved in arriving at an answer wont be possible.

101 Speed Tests for IBPS PO contains 3000+ questions across different topics but the answers for each test are clearly explained with necessary illustrations & examples.

So you need not get refer other book or approach your friend or coach to help you in solving the problem.


Speed Tests for Rs.233 only!!

The book does have some negative points such as paper quality & page number errors.But on the whole, 101 Speed Tests for IBPS PO CWE can help to improve your time management skills, practice with variety of questions & assess your performance.


101 Speed Tests for IBPS PO/ MT Exam (with solutions) – Rs.233 – Buy Online


If you are preparing for bank PO exam from home with a guide or through any institute – testing yourself with these speed tests would be beneficial.

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