Cracking SBI Associate PO: Last Minute Tips & Topics to Cover

sbi computer exams The SBI Associate PO exam begins on November 9th for 2986 posts in the five SBI Associate Banks. The exam pattern is expected to be on similar lines as the SBI PO held earlier this year. Below we list some of the most important topics for SBI Associate PO and how you should be preparing during the lat hours that can help you on exam day.


Given the proximity of the exam, it is likely that you have finished learning concepts and are in the practice mode. You should ideally be taking mock tests and improving on your weak topics while also building exam taking strategies (as time is a key factor with 200 Questions in 120 minutes).


Last Minute Tips on Topics:

While there are many important topics, we have just covered a few based on number of questions & suggested approaches:


Data Interpretation & Analysis: This has been the most worrisome topic for many aspirants and one can expect 45 - 50 questions on Charts & Tables. ie almost the entire section.

Going by the trend of both SBI PO and IBPS PO exams this year, DI has been very calculation intensive and it is likely that a similar experience awaits at the SBI Associate PO as well.

While the DI sets were not exactly the toughest, most students struggled with managing time on the calculation intensive DI sets as well as attempting what they believe will be a good number of questions.

  • Make it a habit to look at answer options before solving. If the numbers provided in the 5 options are all far apart, then you can do very quick approximations and find the right answer.
  • Avoid unnecessary calculations and rely heavily on approximation techniques unless answer options are very close. For eg: 371/612 can be approximated to 36/6 or 37/6 and arrive at ~ 0.6 or 60%

If you are still not confident of certain chapters in this section, don't worry.Practice with previous year solved papers or take up mock tests provided by online websites such as Oliveboard, who offers 10 Mock Tests of SBI Associate PO in the new pattern.The first test if Free. Click here to take it.


sbi computer test


Reading Comprehension: There will be 20 questions around this. Passages can be lengthy and a quick way to approach these passages can be to:

  • Read the questions before reading the passage.
  • Since most questions on Bank PO exams are specific detail questions, answers can be quickly found by reading all the questions and quickly skimming through the passages.

Although the SBI Associate Bank PO exam is conducted online, you have the option to view the question paper completely on screen itself.But remember not to overspend your precious time in looking at the questions.


General Awareness, Marketing & Computer Knowledge: While it might be difficult to improve General Knowledge in a short span, you can quickly go through GK supplements and digests being published on popular websites or practice topic-wise GK and month wise Current Affairs questions.


One can expect about

If you have left certain questions, you can always go back to them by clicking on the serial no. on screen.Hence its not necessary to hurry.


Also checkout Descriptive test pattern & sample questions to prepare


And finally, make sure to have a plan in mind before starting the exam.Know how much time you can spend on each section & stick to it.


All the best!!


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