IBPS PO & Clerk Common Interviews: The 4 Important Rules

ibps common bank interview preparations The interview season is back again for the year 2015.IBPS has announced common interviews for PO & clerk posts as part of the recruitment exams completed last year.The scores secured at this stage are important to confirm your appointment in govt. banks, as it is instrumental in fixing the final scores of an individual.So here are the 4 important rules that you need to prepare for the upcoming IBPS common interviews.


The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has fixed a total 100 marks for the interview & the minimum cutoff score is 40% (35% for SC/ST/OBC) to become eligible for merit list.


Therefore, all exam passouts must understand that their interview performance is vital for allotment in govt. banks.Here are some of the important areas that you need to concentrate upon:


A to Z of Banking Sector

prepare for ibps indian bank interviews The interviewing panel will want to know whether you are fit to work in a bank by checking your banking knowledge.


There is absolutely no purpose in selecting someone who doesn't know anything about the field.

  • Expect extensive no. of questions related to banking sector starting from types of accounts to the latest technologies integrated in banks.

If you are appearing for the first time in such interviews or was not able to crack it the last time, here is a quick way to memorize all the terms: Get a good book.


Interview Cracker (contains all about bank interviews) – Buy online for Rs.105


While going through the pages, take note of the important terminologies in a diary or separate sheet.This will help you in last minute revisions.


Be Aware of Current Affairs

Events such as Reserve Bank of India announcing new policies, appointment of chairman for appointed for banks, formation of committees & other economy related news shouldn't miss your eyes.They may be asked in your next interview.

  • Follow a national newspaper such as ‘The Hindu’ for a month.For business news, ‘Business Line’ will be a good choice (you may also visit their websites such as Hindu & Business Line regularly, if you don't have access to physical copies)
  • Write down the top headlines date-wise so you may revise them at a glance.

Don't miss your state events while focusing nationally.In clerk interviews, the panel had also asked questions about the city that he/she belongs.


Fine-tune your Communication Skills

We regularly see candidates who were successful in the exams fail to make it in the interviews.A common problem faced by them is the inability to communicate their thoughts in english language.

  • It is NOT necessary for you to speak in British or US English, but whatever you say must be understandable by the panel.
  • Don't feel nervous as it leads you to speak fast, which must be avoided.
  • Ask your friends or family members to conduct mock interviews & get their feedback on your performance.

There are certain commonly asked questions in an interview such as Tell me about yourself, Why did you choose bank jobs etc.,You could prepare some answers based on experiences shared by others but dont repeat the exact same thing.


Incase you don't know an answer for a question, be bold enough to reply, ‘Sir/Mam, I don't know’.


Behave Well

interview dress tips A candidate will be judged as soon as he/she enters the room.So right from the manner you greet the panel to the words you use to address them - everything will be taken into account while awarding marks.

  • Dress decently.Men are expected to be in formals (full sleeve shirt & ironed pant with shoes).Women may choose to wear a saree or a neat looking salwar kameez
  • No nail biting, scratching your heads or pulling your hair type of activities.
  • Work on your sitting posture & body language.Practice speaking in front of a mirror.It will help you see the various actions you make while answering.
The panel would consist of senior/retired officials from various banks & will expect all candidates to show them respect.You may be brilliant in a field but don't project it or showoff before them as these officials may take it personally & mistake you to be an arrogant person!!


Do you have anymore methods or tips to prepare for the IBPS PO/ Clerk common interviews? Share it with others via the comment form below.

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