How to Crack IBPS Clerk Mains? Dont Make These 5 Mistakes of IBPS PO Main Exam

number 5The IBPS Clerk Mains 2016 Exam is fast approaching.It is expected that around 2 - 3 lakh candidates will be appearing for this main examination from all over India.You will know that those who couldnt qualify need to wait for one year to apply again for next year`s clerk recruitment.Hence clearing it in the first attempt would be the priority for many individuals.


Take the case of IBPS PO Main Exam held recently.Everyone put in their hard labor during preparations & even performed well in mock tests.But still many were unable to get through due to various reasons.


Why Many Failed in IBPS PO Mains?

The failure in IBPS PO mains has taught many valuable lessons for all of us.What are they & how can those be avoided in clerk exam?


We explain the mistakes commited in PO exams & provide suggestions to avoid the errors again in the upcoming clerk mains.


time management1) TIME MANAGEMENT

It was the biggest reason for many failures in IBPS PO mains. Candidates were not able to attempt the entire paper & had to walk out of the hall leaving one or two sections in the question paper.


Here the question arises: WHY?

  • Because of wasting time on questions they had no idea
  • Allotted excessive time to lengthy questions even knowing it will take time to complete.
  • By keeping a linear approach i.e. solving questions in the question paper order itself.

Guys & Girls, Please be clear that you don’t have to answer questions in the exact order as they appear.


Tips to Manage Time

Now how to overcome this time management issue for the clerical exam? Here are some useful but very important tips that you must follow.

  • Start the online test from a section that consumes only least time like General awareness or Computer knowledge.Do not spend more than 15 minutes to solve each of these sections.
  • Then move to the section in which you are most confident.It could be English or Reasoning or Quantitative Aptitude but you have to be very thorough in this.

There is no fixed order that will assure success.It depends on your strong areas & preparation level.So you should have found out the the right order by now itself.

  • Begin with easier questions in English section & try to complete it in 25 minutes.
  • Quantitative and Reasoning should not be completed within 35 minutes for each.

And finally, try to finish the entire test atleast 5 - 10 minutes in advance so that you can answer the questions marked for review.



negative marksWe hope everyone appearing for bank exams knows about 0.25 negative mark which will be reduced for every wrong answer.


Sometimes aspirants just make wild guesses at the last moment just to complete all the sections.But they end up with reduced scores due to negative marking.

4 wrong answers = 1 mark will be subtracted from your score.

Therefore, answer only those questions that you are 100% sure and don’t touch the doubtful ones.



Aspirants usually purchase the books of unknown authors which provide all the sections briefly or have several errors.Sometimes the material they are studying is not specially prepare for the exams they are going to appear.


For example, some candidates are seen preparing for IBPS Clerk exam from a book meant for other competitive exams.How is that going to benefit?


The best remedy to avoid such mistakes is – candidates will have to understand the syllabus first & get guides or books specifically available for clerk mains exam published by well known authors in that field.



Many had just gone through the pattern for PO exam hoping they can solve it on the testing day.But they could not attend the twisted problems because of less practice.


Take up mock tests regularly.Practicing tests offline will help you solve different types of questions but to improve your speed & time – online mock tests are required because the main exam is computer based.


IBPS Clerk Mains 10 Mock Tests for Rs.399 – Buy Online & Start Now


Hence online mock tests or test series will provide you with confidence & ability to manage time even better



Many candidates were unaware of the fact that they have to obtain a certain score in each section to qualify in PO mains exam.


Inorder to pass in the clerical mains, there are two cutoffs – sectional & total cutoffs.

Even if you are not able to secure the necessary score in any one of it, you will not be considered for final selection.

Since there shall be state-wise cutoffs for clerk jobs predicting expected cutoffs of IBPS clerk mains wont be possible.


But, of the 200 questions - 140+ can be considered as safe number of attempts.


Learn from these Mistakes

These are the common mistakes made by people during the PO mains.So don’t repeat the same again in IBPS clerk main 2016 exam.


Work based on a proper study plan from start to the end.You may also checkout the article Study plan for IBPS Clerk Mains for reference.


What were the mistakes you made in PO exam? How are you planning to rectify it? Say it in comments.

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