RRB Railway Exam 2016: Which Topics to Prepare for GK Questions [Full List]

The RRB NTPC Exam 2016 conducted for the recruitment of 18000 jobs in Indian Railways has exposed the weakness of majority of the candidates.While many are well versed in answering reasoning & aptitude problems, GK questions are making them nervous especially looking at the questions asked so far.So we tell you on how to prepare for GK section in RRB NTPC exam along with the topics to cover.


As mentioned earlier in our RRB exam review, there are around 20- 25 questions from reasoning, 40 related to Arithmetic (maths) & remaining (approx 40) comprised of GK.


From the 1st day of exam, we are publishing the RRB exam GK questions & candidates are of the view that only few GK questions were difficult.If you can focus your preparation on those hard areas, there is nothing to be afraid.


GK Topics to cover for RRB NTPC Exams

After hearing from candidates who have attended the railway exam so far, we found that there are certain GK topics from which questions are being regularly asked.Look for these chapters in your GK books & start reading.


India gk questionsHistory: Questions from indian history are being regularly asked in RRB exams.Few examples are :

  • Mughal dynasty was established by?
  • Quit India was held in which year?
  • Jallianwala bagh incident

Freedom movement, Ancient civilisations, Kingdoms & dynasties,Important events and their dates, Notable persons during that period etc should be covered.


Polity/ Politics :You dont get too many questions from this topic but since its not a difficult category, easy marks can be earned.Samples from previous day papers are:

  • First home minister?
  • Age limit of PM?
  • Members of rajya sabha are elected by?

Indian constitution, Important acts, Bills & Policies,Election process, Appointment procedures, Functions of top posts etc.,


Geography: This is an important topic to cover as the options for certain questions could be similar & tricky.So be clear while preparing itself.

  • Ganga of south India?
  • Largest fresh water lake?
  • Highest point of the Aravalli Range?
  • Hirakud is located on bank of which river?

    Topics to cover: Indian borders, Neigboring countries, Solar system, Planets, Mountains, Dams, Rivers, Lakes, Largest/ Smallest/ Highest/ Longest, Facts about india etc.,


    Physics & Chemistry: 3- 4 sure questions from science can be looked up & you can get through it by knowing the concepts.science GK questionsExamples are:

    • Percentage of Nitrogen in air?
    • Molecular formula of sugar?
    • Green house gases?

    The topics to cover include - Basics concepts in physics, instruments used for detection, Gases, Properties of materials/ chemicals, Chemical uses, Formula etc.,


    Biology: Expect atleast 3 - 5 questions from this part such as:

    • What is melioidosis?
    • What is larynx?
    • Young crocodile is called?
    • Biggest Mammal?

    Remember to study about The Human body,Parts & functions, Disease & causes, Facts about animals, Plant varieties, Evolution, Environment ec.,


    Sports: Maximum of 3 questions can be expected from sports topics such as:

    • Who hits 6 sixes in an over in world cup T20?
    • Asian Games was held in India in which year?
    • First woman to win Gold medal in Olympics Boxing?

    newspaper-current-affairsNames of sports events, Important people associated with each sport, Cups & Trophies, Number of players, Games held in india etc., should help you answer.


    Current affairs: Not many current affairs questions could be seen in RRB exam.Take a look below for few samples:

    • New Scheme for Farmers?
    • About smart city project
    • Which states achieved 100% inclusion in PMJDY?

    Make sure to prepare about the recently launched government projects & schemes.Its not necessary to go through all latest events.


    Computer: Computer basics, Shortcut keys, Programming languages, Latest trends in IT,Abbreviations, Hardware uses.Following are the type of questions that were asked till now:

    • What is MS Office?
    • Captcha is used for?
    • Computer keyboard shortcut to get help menu?

    You wont get more than 3 questions from this chapter.But it`s an easy topic to score marks.So dont skip it.


    There are few other chapters from which 1 –3 questions could be seen in the exam paper.Refer the table to know them.


    RRB NTPC GK Topics

    Examples (questions asked)

    Important Dates

    National unity day?

    Computer security day?

    RBI nationalised in which year?

    Invention & Discoveries

    Who invented Audiophones?

    Xray was invented by?

    Air conditioner was invented by?

    Books & Authors

    ‘Wings of Fire’ written by?

    ‘My Country My Life’ by?


    NASA Headquarters?

    Headquarters of UNO?


    IMO full form?

    IFSC full form?


    GK Books to Buy: The exams are midway & many would already have study materials. But after reading the candidates feedback, if you are looking to buy general knowledge books to prepare for GK questions in RRB NTPC exam, we recommend this title:


    * The Mega Yearbook 2016 – Rs.175 – Click here to buy online (many +ve reviews)


    The delivery in made within 2 to 3 days, so you can start studying immediately.The other book is Lucent`s General knowledge which can also be referred.


    With many exam shifts remaining & lakhs of candidates still to appear, this method could be the best way to prepare for GK section in RRB NTPC exam.

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