FREE Shortcuts to Solve Quantitative Aptitude & Maths Problems [Video]

maths-shortcut-videosEvery year, more than 1 crore candidates appear for various competition exams in India, all leading for govt jobs or in public sector companies.Be it the popular IBPS bank exams, SSC CGL/ CHSL exam, UPSC IAS/ IPS/ IPS exam or any other recruitments, the exam pattern is quite similar.Quantitative aptitude/ Maths is one section that features prominently in all written exams & here is an exclusive video that teaches you the important shortcuts.


Qualifying in the upcoming IBPS PO/ Clerk exam is necessary for jobs in Indian public sector banks.The 1st stage of their selection process involves an online preliminary test (prelims) wherein 100 questions should be answered within 60 minutes.


It means, you cannot afford to spend more than 1 minute per question during the exam which is very less time.Therefore you need to learn a lot of tricks to save time.


Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude

The video below, teaches you 3 most important tricks in quantitative aptitude that will help you solve most commonly asked math problems.It will not only enable you to solve the problems within few seconds but also get them correct.



Shortcut Trick # 1: Percentages questions are asked directly & also as a part of many other different problems.


The trick explained in video tells you about how to solve any percentage problem within 10-15 seconds.With regular practice, you can answer these questions very fast.

Shortcut Trick # 2: In almost any mathematical question, you would need to multiply & divide bigger numbers.Many might find this difficult as it involves lot of calculations & simplification process.


But we are sharing a wonderful trick through which you will learn to obtain square roots for 3-digit and 2-digit numbers in less than 10 seconds.


This shortcut method should come in handy while answering problems on approximation.

Shortcut Trick # 3: Have you come across tricky questions like “Is 456 a multiple of 13?”. Did you know you can solve this problem in a flash?


The 3rd trick, while it teaches you how to solve such problems, also explains division with prime numbers & bigger 2-digit numbers.


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