4 Most Common Bank Interview Questions & Tips to Answer [Must Read]

How to prepare for bank Interview questions? Perhaps,this is a regular question asked by candidates after clearing the written tests conducted by banks. Interview sessions are considered tough by many, as it involves speaking out. Here are some commonly asked bank interview questions & methods to answer them.

Although you would be extensively asked about banking terms & definitions, the interviewer will generally start with the following queries.

This article will take you through

  1. Tips to answer common interview questions
  2. Books for interviews
  3. Answers given by candidates 
Q: Tell /describe about yourself (you will be asked this 90%)
A: Don't recite your resume.Tell about your education, experience, projects worked, passion etc.,

Make sure you complete this within 2-3mins so the interviewer doesn't get bored.If you need detailed tips, proceed to read ‘how to answer Tell me about yourself

Q: Why should we hire you into our organization?
A : This would be perfect time to tell about your strengths,achievements & assets. Compare your profile with the job role & justify that you will be a best fit for the job.
Answers like ‘This is a best company’ , I want a job in this field’ wont impress the interviewer.
If you are an engineering graduate or PG degree holder (MBA/ MCA), prepare a convincing answer since this will be a sure question.

Read our article titled how to answer 'why did you choose banking jobs

Q : What are your strengths & weakness? interview room
A: This is a tricky question, wherein the interviewing panel want to know about you in your own words.So do it right.

Strengths – Mention a quality about you that has some relation to the job or post you applied for.
I am very good in english’ can be said as ‘I have good communication skills & hence can provide good service to customers 
Weakness – Make sure to say something which will not show yourself in bad light.Also describe about the steps taken to overcome that weakness in you.
I don't have any weakness’ means you are not ready to talk about it.
Similarly don't say something like, ‘Im short tempered & get angry very soon’ – It gives an impression that you are not fit to work in group.

Q: Where do you see yourself after 5 years ?
A: This question would be asked to check how clear are you about the career path.
After 5 years,I want to be in your seat’ wont work in any case.Think realistically, understand the growth opportunities of that job & put it across to them.
These are just few questions that can be asked during an Interview ,but the list is exhaustive.So be prepared to answer any question with confidence.

Reference materials

When it comes to personal interviews for public banks, it is necessary for you to be thorough in banking, financial & economic terms.There are many books available on the internet to help you prepare for bank job interviews such as.

* Bank Interview Cracker (with answers for top questions) – Rs.105 - Buy online

Real Bank Interview Questions

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