Answering Interview Question: Why Choose Bank Jobs

bank interview questions,why did you choose bank jobs,answering interview questionsFor many candidates, appearing for a bank job interview is tougher than writing the online exam.Their biggest fear is not in meeting senior officials but on answering some tricky questions – for which they start to fumble.To avoid such situations, has been analyzing some make-or-break type of questions to help you get prepared in advance.


One common question asked in bank interviews nowadays is:

Why did you choose to join a bank.

There are several variants to the same question.If a candidate is from engineering or management or medical background, the same question will be asked like this –

Why choose banking sector after BE/ BTech/ ME/ MBA/ B.Pharm etc

Almost 90% of the candidates are being asked this question as graduates from other streams are applying for bank jobs.


So if you have any bank or insurance oriented interview coming up, then it is necessary to prepare on how to answer this question.


What they Expect:

The interviewer wants to know how interested are you in choosing bank jobs.Some others prefer to ask this question to make you speak, thereby judging your communication skills & clarity of speech.


Be prepared with your points as this question may lead into a discussion with other panelists also joining in with how`s, why`s & what`s.


How to Answer:

The first requirement – Be bold.

  • Make you answer looks realistic & at the same time conveys your willingness to join their bank.
  • Don't bluntly say ‘I did not get any other job’ or ‘There is high stress & pressure in private companies. You would be countered with more questions.
  • If questioned about BE graduates opting for IT jobs, mention about the uncertain future of software companies compared to the high growth witnessed in banking industry.
  • You can even emphasize about the opportunity created by huge vacancies in banks that could lead young performers to reach top posts within short span of time, which is absent in other fields.
  • Let them know that your engineering degree would help in interacting with customers from a similar business while lending loans & fetching deposits.

The above list is only a guidance & not definite nor complete.You have to frame the right sentences for interview questions – to portray your answer as a compelling one, that the interviewer must agree.

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sujata said...

thanks a lot for these points....

sagar g said...

dear admin team/friends,
i am a doctor,and i have passed 7 to 8 exams of bank clerical. Faced interview but none of them have selected me so can you please give a LOGICAL AND APPROPRIATE REASON which will appeal to those examiners to select me.
i will be really thankful

K Prasad said...

Sorry to bother you... I don't have any answer to your question!
But do you think that being a doctor (may be you are an MBBS or PhD), you should join a bank, and that too in a clerical cadre???
Is it a "LOGICAL AND APPROPRIATE REASON" or say, are you justifying your education, knowledge and skills?
India needs many talented doctors like you!
So please take my suggestions and stop thinking about a clerical job in a bank and start practicing like a real and good doctor...
I am really very sorry for my words... but believe me I had tried for MEDICAL EXAMS for 3 years after my +2 but could not get a seat in any medical college, and you are an MBBS!!!
Please give an another though to your decision...
Wish You all the best!

Mukesh Meena said...

Sir, I am engineering student and preparing for bank interviews
for IBPS. Here it is sure that I would have to face a question
that""""Why do you want to come in banking field being in
engineering""""" plz tell me how should be my answer

chinnu said...

Sir i'm preparing for bank exams. I have selected for interviews. But I didn't got any of that bank interviews. I'm deeply unsatisfied in my performance in that interview. I have completed BSc HomeScience. sir how to show my performance to them. Plz give me guidance sir