How to Behave Inside an Interview Hall - 7 Simple Tips to Follow

interview behaviour,bank interview tips,how to bank interview How to behave inside an interview hall, in front of the panel is a question not asked by many, but candidates must understand that every single movement before the interviewer will have an impact on their result.We have given some easy to follow methods that you can apply to boost your chances of selection. 


1. Remember to wish the interviewer/panel ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ once you enter the room.


2.Sit down calmly, when offered a seat.Make sure you don't create noises by pulling or dragging the chair.It could spoil the atmosphere.


3. Sit straight with your back against the chair & arms on the armrest. Leaning on the table or pushing yourself forward are not good signs.


4. Wait until the interviewer goes through your resume.Don't start talking before you are asked anything – it means that you are nervous.Answer the questions in a clear & bold manner,once your turn comes.


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5. While answering any question,do not look at the ceiling or around the room.Look at the interviewer .This creates a feeling within the panel that you are interested in the conversation.


6. If you don't know the answer for an interview question, say it to the panel.Do not try to fill the gap by giving unwanted or wrong answers.


Incase of such situations,DON`T

  • scratch your head,
  • bite your nails,
  • close your eyes or
  • put your fingers on your face.

7. Do not repeat the answers again.It clearly shows that you are unprepared & have no proper understanding of the subject.


8.Start answering after the question has been asked.Rushing to answer says, you want to complete the interview process as soon as possible.


9. Say ‘Thank you’ to the interviewer & leave the room.Sometimes, the panel may glance your profile once last time.Don't grab your documents or resume from them in a haste to get out.Wait till they handover them to you.


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Ammu said...

For me interview lasted for 25 mins

1) I attend interview in madurai it is very fun for me they asked me to introduce myself and family
back ground.

2)I am an engineering graduate so they asked did you placed any where why didnt you go there.

3) my hobby

4) my father is working in co-operative so they asked me to explain it in detail

5)would you like to work in rural

6)about my disticts important place and ask me to explain