SBI Interview Questions - Candidate Experiences | Part 2

We hope the part 1 of SBI Interview Questions would have helped candidates preparing for State bank of India recruitment & other jobs to get a feel of what happens inside the hall.As said earlier, here is the Part 2 of Interview experiences shared by members on our Orkut community describing the questions asked.


These are posted on our website to give you the type of questions that one can expect before the panel.Trying to memorize them or praying for the same set of questions wont help you


sree describes her questions -
* Define Indian economy & how it emerges from recession
* What is a bank & who operates it
* What is SLR,PLR,CRR, Bank rate etc.

* A situation was given & was asked how would i react to it
* Authors of any novels 
* They also questions from UG & PG degree & why i chose banking 
* News in today's paper 
* Chairman of SBI
* Why would u like to join SBI  
* What is nationalization act?
* 3-4 questions were asked from degree subjects.

* Why studied B.E and choosing bank jobs
* Some questions about my hobbies. 
* Why airlines were stopped in European countries recently? 
* Who won the IPL trophy & who is the chairman of IPL


vιριη shares his friend`s experience ,

* What are the financial institution in India
* India`s finance minister
* Asked about RBI & their services
* How to reduce inflation
* What new services are provided by RBI
* Why choose banking after engineering
* Some questions about hobbies & personal

i nevr thk futur recollects that, the panel consisted of 4 members & the questions -
* Some questions from resume (about me, family background, hobbies etc)

* Since I'm an IT graduate ,some questions on computers

* What is networking & how many types of topologies
* Asked about conditions of women in our society


Concluded: This would be end of the two part series that discussed about SBI Interview.These shares will also help candidates preparing for upcoming SBI jobs


The team at thanks all the candidates who have taken time to share their interview experiences & questions on our website & through our Orkut community.

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Unknown said...

hi friends m shakthiLakshmi had interview on 3 rd it was good. they were asking about SBI,RBI..
subject 1 r 2 Quest,GK 1 quest..
thats all
for me tel about sbi,west bengal chif name,sbi chairman name..,globalwarming.. thats all arround 10 to 15 min only max. for my friends and all state capitals.. CM name ,come country Capitals , PM name .. thats all what u mension in u r bio-data they ll ask from there ony so prep well do well all the best

kamal said...

Three panel members asked me three set of questions..
one from you hobbies in bio data form..
one of them asked me what is introspection and whether I have done it on myself.
Other questions were most general, regarding previous employments if any and also few questions like "what will you do if you get a good opportunity somewhere else after joining here..?"
Dont forget to greet the panel members while entry and exit..

Sankar said...

I had my interview at trivandrum today 11am. There was three members in my panel. All of them were cool

member 1:

At first the lady asked me the questions

she asked me "tell me about yourself"

Then she asked what was u doing after 2005. (as i havent completed all papers in Btech, i applied with +2 qualification only.)

Then they asked what was u doing after 2009(finishing Btech course. I replied I was preparing for Bank exams and also to clear the two back papers in my Btech exam.

Then questions came on my hobby side. She asked what are the places I have visited. Travelling and amateur photography is my hobby) , I replies i have visited many places in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Gujarath,and maharashtra, of temples,historical, tourism and picnic importance. Then I said some places in gujarat.

She asked me what is Amateur photography and with which cam I take photos.

member 2:

Tell me about SBI.

Which is the bank recently merged with SBI.

Member 3:

As my father is working i BSNL, he asked every thing related to that. It was totally

What is the price of 3G mobile. I said its around 15K. Again he crossed isnt that now decreased?? I replied yes now mobile prices are going down.

Then what is the difference between CDMA and GSM mobiles??

Why BSNL has age old officers at the office works and customer service while private networks has youngsters???

I actually didnt know the answer but I replied that some years before the situation was like that but now they are recruiting youngsters also.

Anonymous said...

hi friends

I feel really sorry for you people going to work in bank after completing BE. Go and select some jobs that utilize your education and thereby contribute to the nation's growth and future. Youngsters shouldn't under utilize your abilities.. Leave the bank jobs for ladies.....

Anonymous said...

they asked me about who all have received bharat ratna in india?

who sponsored the recent event at bandra Kurla complex on Maharashtra Day?who sang their? who were the main guest?

who is Baba Amte?

what is RTI?
ans- Right to it on Sbi web site.

What you know about recent activities of SBI?

what is " go green movement undertaken by SBI"?

where SBI has set up it's wind mill project?

they ask you about your qualification like why u have selected commerce? why u planned to do Mcom after commerce and not LLB?

what is consumer protection act?

What are various Acts in Business lwas?

what are the places where 1992 bomb blast took? what was the reason behind it?

who is the governer of RBI

( commerce students plz brush up all the acts and laws, all the terms in commerce, prizes, authors, social worker and their work

do not leave any question even if u have slightest idea about it but if u r not aware about it at all plz don't try to fake tell them honestly so that they can move on to next question, questions are not pre-decided they ask what ever comes in to their mind and mainly from your answers they prepare questions so be carefull, if anybody has gap in education plz be reasonable)

Best of luck to all do well.

Abhi said...

hi all
sry to sharing my interview questions late.i had my interview on 29th Apr.
Interview panel was very cordial.

1. why u want to join Bank?
3 what changes you have seen in last sever years.
3 what is cbs?
4 how bank benificiated by cbs.
5 questions from my graduatiom
6 chairman of IPL and from which industry he is and which company he belongs, name one the product.

Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!! guys for your interview.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

This is John from chennai. I attended SBI clerk interview on May 5th. It was a great experience facing the interview board which has 3 memebers, 2 gents and a lady.

the following questions were asked to me.
I entered the room, they asked to take the seat. I sat humbly with a charming face with a smile.

They first refered the bio data which we gave.

1. wats your qualification.
2. when did you complete the course.
3. wat were you doing from may 2009(since i completed on 2009 batch).
4. whats your father
5. where do i cum from and where i had my education.
6.Did you prepare for SBI interview
i replied yes sir, to an extent.
7. say about RBI and its functions
I have mentioned in bio data that i have underwent campus to corporate training.
they asked whats it. i explained - in college final yr, college has arranged for a training for personality development, how to built our attitude, to practice aptitude, to face interview board with confidence.
as soon as i said these they asked me to keep my file in the table and checked my confidence level how im sitting before them whether shivering or with cool minded. i sat very cool. the interview board appreciated me that im with good confidence level.

next is from my hobbies. i have mentioned i hear and play music.
9. what type of instrument do i play
i replied keyboard(piano)
questions on keyboard went for five mins
10. how many octaves it contain
11.what notes in keyboard i know
12. how many keys are in one oct many scales, black notes in a oct.
since they identified me as christian, they started asking from it.
14. say about the christian religious places around chennai
i answred santhome, st.thomas mount
15. why the mount was named as st.thomas
16. who is st.thomas
17. say the world's smallest country
guys its, vatican city only 4kms radius
finally the lady started asking the GK
18. who is deputy planning commision chairman
19.who is our health minister
20. who is external affairs minister
21. what will you do if employed in SBI.
22. in future, what level will you grab in SBI
i said about the po,junior manager,assist manager, general manager
23. how will you handle customers in bank

out of this, i answered 21, remaining two i openly said i could not get it now.

thats it guys.
All the Best for our results.
one of the board member said results will be published in mid of june or last week of june 2010.
Thank God for the opportunity he has given to me.

Anonymous said...

hi friends...

just hapnd to see this site.... wanted to help people who will give interview in the next season around....
following are the some of the questions asked to me........
1) whats my specialization??
2) what is the difference between biotechnology and biology???
3) wht is nanotechnology???
4) importance of nanotechnology???
5) hw do we use nanoparticles in present day life???
6) whts my father??
7) wht are my hobbies??
8) hobbies apart from written in the biodata???
9) whts me doin at the present??
10) wht kind of work r u doin??
11) arnt u frustrated to work in a field diffferent from tht of ur specialisation??
12) hw did u cope with the change???
13)who is the defence minister of india??
14) who is the finance minister of india??
15) who is the chief minister of karnataka???
16) wht is ment by cloning???
17) which was the first cloned organism??? which country first did it??? who ws the scientist??
18) do u kno kannada??
19) who is the finance minister of karnataka??
20) about the history of state bank???
21) wht wil i do if i get a job in my specialisation area aftr 3 years of doin job in bank???

Karthikeyan said...

Its not that one completed BE and cannot take Bank jobs. its his own interest, Its his TALENT that he gets the bank job or not. And second, its not that Ladies only can get bank jobs. there is nothing Ladies only in this world.

Karthikeyan said...

I attended Union bank po interview on 1st April at 12: 30 AM. It was nice and friendly and lasted for 15min.

There were 3 male interviewers,( like Senior managers),
I wished Good A'noon 2all and they told me 2sit.
Q1: Describe urself.
I explained my past from schoooling and upto present.
Q2 : Being a Tech person, why u prefer banks ?
I explained there was a change in my career path in the middle and as I had interest in Management and public relations from the beginning. I preferred a HRjob. I also added points like job satisfac, job security etc.
Q3 : How do u say ther is job security in banks ?
I breifed ther are targets in privates, while in banks ther is peace and safety of jobs.
Q4 : They asked how many bro and sis u have?
I hav my sis working in canara bank, and wife in Karur Vysya bank, I breifed.
Q5 : Do u think Targets should be fixed in Public sector banks also for good perfomance of banks ?
It may be a reason, but iam not sure.