SBI Interview Questions - Candidate Experiences | Part 1

sbi interview questions,sbi results,state bank of india recruitment,sbi jobs 2010,latest sbi jobs, There has been lot of activity on our Orkut group ,ever since the SBI results for recruitment of 11000 clerks were released. State bank of India has started the interview process for those selected candidates & many members of our group were kind enough to share their interview questions with others.


So, we have decided to re-publish their experiences here so that all candidates  including non members of our Orkut group can benefit.


The Panel : For most candidates the interview lasted between 10-25 mins.The topics were related to India, banking, economy, current affairs & from your resume. Many candidates informed us that the Interview panel(senior officials) were cool & the session was full of fun.Now, let us move to the questions -


Bhawana sharma says ,she was asked about - 

* Family background. 
* Willing to relocate/ work in rural areas or not?

* Reason for doing MBA after B.Tech (candidate is B.Tech,MBA graduate) 
* My MBA was in HR & Finance so they asked abt HR and Subjects in Finance 
* About Financial Institutions, Share market, Mutual Funds,Nifty, BSE etc.

* My SWOT analysis (Strength,Weakness,Opportunity,Threats)

* About my hobbies (in resume)
* Names of RBI Governor, President, VP & Deputy chairman of Planning commission
* Asked how will i judge a candidate if he/she is suitable for a job?  
* Few questions on RBI,SBI, Recession, Subprime crisis etc.,

* What is written on a 100 rupee note and whose signature are there on it?


barun shares his experience as,

* Tell something about SBI 
* Questions related to hobbies 
* What are monetary policies

* Repo rate, SLR ,Addhar (The new name of UID Project)
* Why did you apply for clerk job in bank?
* Five years down the line u will be like to be at?
* Will the IPL controversy put a bad image to IPL?
* About Cut motion (recent issue in parliament)


soumya:Xpectin d says,

* Asked about SBI.

* Importance of March 8 & what happened on that day in Indian parliament.(answer is Women's day & 33% women`s reservation bill)
* Questions from resume/ biodata. 

priya details her turn -

* Asked about SBI & SBI associate banks
* Kinds of loan that SBI provides
* About savings bank account & rate of interest for them 
* Difference between Private & Public sector banks
* What are the foreign banks in India
* About my hobby (Reading), I was asked who is the author of ‘Discovery of India’
* Headlines of today's newspaper


~Pritha~  says that one of her friend was posed these questions -

* Selection procedure for Rajyasabha members

* IPL results along with best batsman, best bowler etc... 
* Family background. 
* 5 questions from subject of study in college


End of Part 1. Check out the Part –2 of candidates experiences at the State bank of India interview session.

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Anonymous said...

The questions:
# What are the works done by RBI
# Who is the finance minister,cm of SBI, Rbi govrner
#How do u handle the customer during the busy hour.
# What is commercial Bank
# works of SBI
# how is computer used in bank and how will u implement it [ i am a computer graduate]

pon said...

I also attended interview of SBI...
The questions shooted at me are

Introduce urself
Say about SBI
Years of bank nationalization
Australian Tennis cup champion
Ministers of India
Capitals of states
About my village and its speciality

Anonymous said...

Hy ol.I heard news tht sbi has increasd vacancy.Itr true?

Suresh said... in news recently
2.mostly qns from candidates corresponding degree minister
4.union power minister to find fake currency?
6.abt my city's speciality
7.why coming to clerk job since u have done engineering?
8.headline news on 1st page of any newspaper on the interview date
9.r u ready to work in rural area?
10.most important qn s "tell me abt urself"

kranthi said...

Hellooo every body kranthi here..i jst recently gave my SBI interview..lemme share wt kind of question tey asked me..
1. Tel me abt ur self
2. What is KYC?
3. Logo of SBI? and wat does it mean?
4. Wat r d duties of Clerk?
5. y v should Hire u?
6. Have u ever visited SBI bank? if yes, pls share ur experience(how did u feel after entering the bank)?

Ankit said...

they said i am over qualifeid for the Job as i am persuing MCA

they asked why don't u apply for PO job
or 1 another question how computers are used for communication

but most of the time we argued on my qualifications

Anonymous said...

dont show your MCA or MBA degree.they will be surely rejected at this time.

p said...

my family background
y it is my dream job
y i took 3 yrs after my graduation for bank job
how will i use my skill for my job
y do you want to do job
todays main head lines
how biomatric ATMs works
and 2-3 general questions.


hi everybody ,

am Aishu, questions asked to me during interview were,

1. meaning of my name and description about the famous personality who has my name.

2. about the computer course (oracle) i'd finished and how it will be helpful in SBI.

3. reason for choosing SBI when there are other banks.( it was easy for me to answer as my father is an employee in SBI)

4. haven't you got bored or fed off with SBI as your father comes late night finishing his work and returning?

5. what is banking?

6. types of accounts?

7. how to open an account in bank?

8. logo of SBI

9. subject related questions which include causes of diabetics, Clotting, blood tranfusion, platelet count.

PRITI said...

thansks 4 giving these informations

muralidharan said...

#Tell me your self

#Job experience related questions

#Your native related Questions

#Union ministers

mbavdghoniya said...



Anonymous said...

what is the answer if the interviewer asks me that I am overqualified? I am MCA.

MS Jaggi said...

Questions asked from me:
1. why coming to banking after
2. why clerical cadre
3. why not private sector
4. big bang theory
5. large hadron collider
6. role of mother in your life
7. what r ur strengths
8. then they asked me to explain each strength
9. abt hobbies. I mentioned reading books etc. questions from those
10. abt extra curricular activities
11. importance of money & family in life
It went for abt 15-20 muinutes.

Anonymous said...

Hai everyone
I was attended SBI CLERICAL CADRE Interview
1. Tell me about ur self
2. about strenghts
3. What are the risks in banks?
4. Meaning of my name and tell famous ladies names?
5. Are you ready to join in villages?
6. They explained two situations about banking and asked how u will react?

It went about 15 mins....

Manisha Jain said...

I was interviewed for Allahabad Bank and have been selected as a PO..:)
The interview went quite good. Questions ranged on my specialization IN HR, Indian Banking Scenario, About RBI and its functions; and Economic Scenario of India.
A couple of questions were there on Mathematics and Few questions were on my hobby.
It continued for almost 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

i have given allhabad bank clerk interview. questions asked
1. why bank after b-tech
2. what are you doing right now
3. from where do you belong
4. tell some thing about your home town
5. what you know about allahabad bank
6. are you ready to relocate at rural area.
7. about family back ground

panel members where very freindly and they dint gave me any chance to get nervous

Anonymous said...

Hi, I gave my interview for sbi po on 6th Oct10.
The questions asked were on the topics we covered in GD.The topic for gd was Is democracy the best form of governance?
the other questions were about the economic recession in america and the reason for the same,possible solution to the kashmir problem, telangana issue(since I am from Hyderabad)

Anonymous said...

gave on oct 20
aske d about 3g spectrum sledging in cric
is bad to wear woodland shoes for interview?

Ravi Take said...

Ravi Take
Questions asked in SBI Jun 2011

1) What is double entry account system?
2) How many AS there are?
3) What is single entry account?
4) If you want to collect 100 customer how will u do?
5) When Pakistan got independece?