IBPS Clerk Scores: Many between 130 - 160; State Cutoffs Expected

It has been nearly 2 weeks since the clerical common exam results were announced by IBPS & scores have been made available on their website.But candidates are still restless & are more worried than before.The biggest cause of worry is due to the non availability of the exact number of candidates within a specific score.


BankExamsIndia.com had conducted a poll asking readers to select their clerk exam score (see 5.3 lakh clear clerk exam). Here are its results:


ibps clerk scores poll results,ibps clerk exam cutoffs 2012,am i eligible for clerk interview,bank jobs clerks interview As per the poll,

  • 48% are within TWS of 130 – 160
  • 31% have secured 160 – 190
  • 10% are between 100 –130
  • 3% in the scale of 190 – 210
  • 5% above 210 (so many toppers? cant believe!) 

Total votes polled: 17225 (highest among any website)


These findings are only indicative & cant be considered final untill IBPS merit list is out.Especially after seeing the difference in no. of votes for 190 –210 & above 210, we believe few may have voted just for fun!


State level cutoffs

At the time of IBPS common exam, candidates were asked to apply for any one state.In addition to it, public banks may also ask for proficiency in local language

By that rule, you wont be able to apply for clerical vacancies in other states apart from the one which you had opted.

Hence there is a high possibility for banks to fix state-wise & category wise cutoffs for Interview based on the no. of vacancies & applications received for each state.The point to note here is, candidates wont be able to know these cutoff score at the time of applying.


What is my chance?

We see a lot of candidates asking about their interview chances by posting TWS across many websites.


It is too early to predict or analyze the possibilities as no bank has notified clerk recruitments till now.But we would like to present a generalist view on this,

  • If you have scored below 170 (Gen,OBC) or 160 (others) & are concerned about paying fees for every recruitment – wait for the first 2 banks to fix interview cutoffs.
  • Based on it, decide from which bank you could apply.
  • If your score is lower than 140, be ready to wait longer as top scorers would be favorites in most banks.
  • Due to statewise cutoffs, the competition gets limited within that particular state enabling people with lower TWS in that region to look for their chance.

After few banks come out with notifications, we shall post a detailed outlook just like IBPS PO score analysis


Demand for score list grows

From the time IBPS released PO exam results aspirants have been hoping to see the Institute also publish the number of candidates within a particular score.

Now with the clerical results also out, this demand has only grown louder as many candidates are growing insecure about their chances of interview selection.

The only available data is of the lowest score which is 120 (Gen) & 105 (others). Again nobody knows how many are in this range.


* So on behalf of candidates, BankExamsIndia.com requests IBPS to seriously consider revealing the statistics as it would prevent spread of rumors & most importantly, they will be able to gauge the competition themselves for bank jobs


Untill then, we hope our poll results would help you.

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