UIIC AO Job Profile, Salary & Job Postings Explained

UIIC AO Job profile,Job profile of AO in insurance company,UIIC AO Salary,UIIC AO Transfers,UIIC AO PostingWhile most people were busy looking for jobs in banks, the UIIC AO recruitment notification seems to have brought focus on the insurance sector.United India Insurance Company (UIIC), also being a public sector insurance organization lists various benefits of applying for their administrative officer jobs.To provide more clarity on UIIC AO job profile, we are explaining here the role along with AO salary, post location & future growth for this post.


A total of 300 vacancies are to be filled through UIIC AO recruitment 2016 which consists of Generalists & Specialists.


Job Profile of AO in UIIC

The job profile of an administrative officer in insurance company is almost similar to that of a PO (officer) in govt bank.The major differences, though can be seen in salary, responsibilities & work environment.


UIIC AO Job profile,Job profile of AO in insurance company,UIIC AO Salary,UIIC AO Transfers,UIIC AO Posting


As an administrative officer (AO), you will be assigned to specific departments like underwriting, claims, accounts, legal, marketing etc., based on requirement.Those who are selected for specialist posts shall directly join that particular section.


It involves more of administrative work only, which would include:

  • Verify the risk proposal & if need be, has to perform underwriting work
  • Authorize claims to policyholders according to the rules & regulations.
  • Delegate work to assistants within the team & oversee their performance.
  • Confirm the issuance of new & renewal policies brought by agents
  • Communicate with necessary departments to follow-up on certain matters
  • Perform any other work as specified by higher officials

The above list contains only a general overview of the role.United India Insurance has insurance policies under health, motor vehicles, travel, industrial, accident, fire, marine categories.


Hence the role of an administrative office in the insurance company will change as per the requirements of the department.


UIIC AO Salary

Most of you were wanting to know about the details of UIIC AO salary especially after reading the notification which mentions Rs.48,000 /month in metropolitan cities.


After deductions towards PF, tax etc., your take home salary shall be Rs.40,000 – 42,000 /month depending on the place of posting.


In addition to the monthly pay, AOs are eligible for various other benefits like accommodation, gratuity, LTS, medical benefits, pension etc.,


Work Time & Job Location

While POs in banks may have to meet customers/ visitors regularly, AO has very less customer interaction.Most of the communication is with agents & office staff only.


Therefore, the normal office timings are from 10 AM to 5.30 - 6 PM on weekdays.This shouldn't be a problem considering you get holidays on all Saturdays & Sundays!


Since AO job is completely confined within the office & doesn't involve marketing products or training agents, there isn't lot of pressure.


Wait.Don't get carried away thinking about less work.

  • The branch or office you get posted & even your senior manager determine the amount of work load.
  • If you are posted to an office with lot of business happening, even the regular administrative works shall be higher.

Postings in West & South India?

Job posting location is yet another question that many candidates have in mind.AO being an office cadre job, you could be posted anywhere in India.So applicants should be ready to relocate.


UIIC has also mentioned that large number of vacancies are in the western & southern India.So you will be mostly posted in any of their offices located in these regions only.


It would take minimum of 3 – 4 years before you can request for transfer to home location.But there is no guarantee of your request to be accepted because of seniority & quota issues.


About Probation & One Exam You Must Pass

The probation period for UIIC AO is for a period of 1 year that may be extended by another 6 months.This is like a training phase for new candidates & may be required to
undergo theoretical / practical training.


Bond Period: At the time of joining, candidates would need to submit an undertaking to serve UIIC for minimum 4 years (includes 1 yr probation).


If a person chooses to quit/ resign from the company within 4 years, they should repay the entire salary amount received so far + Rs.25,000 towards cost of training.


An Exam You Need to Pass: During the probation period, AO`s are required to pass the non-life “Licentiate Examination” conducted by Insurance Institute of India.Only those who pass this exam will be eligible for confirmed employee status.


If you fail to qualify in this exam within the probationary period, company has the right to terminate you!

We hope the above article would have explained everything you need to know about UIIC administrative post job.If you are interested to apply, checkout their important rules for 2016 recruitment project.

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