‘How can you compete with others’ [BOB Interview Experience]

bank-interview-experience, bank interview questions,prepareing for bank job interviews Okay, you have scored the required marks in IBPS common exam to secure an interview call. Does it mean your name will be featured in the appointment list? No. Infact many people with good scores were not even able to fetch qualifying marks in interview stage.


That is why BankExamsIndia.com features interview experiences of candidates as it helps other aspirants to buckle up & be prepared for their day.


Interview questions for bank jobs need not revolve only around banking or economy terms & it could be from your resume as well.

The below recitation showcases the need to be attentive of our surroundings.The panelists enquire about the candidate`s degree & how he stacks up against other professionals.

It should an interesting read for other aspirants.


Mr.Sagar Anand Chandiramani from Mumbai with score of 179 in IBPS CWE (general) had sent his Bank of Baroda PO Interview encounters.


I wish to share my experience from the day I got my CWE results till I was selected in Bank of Baroda with Bankexamsindia because it helped me throughout my path to selection.


Moreover, it is also the website from which I saw my final selection for BOB PO & before that - corporation bank SWO (clerk, 2011)


My initial days

When IBPS PO exam results were released, I was happy to have secured 179 marks. I thought it may be sufficient for me to become eligible & get selected within first 2 or 3 banks.


But I was not even able to apply as most banks fixed min. 55% in graduation (I had only 53%).


While I was thinking of the journey to end abruptly, I saw an analysis done by Bankexamsindia about previous year’s percentage criteria of various banks & as per it Bank of Baroda was the only hope for me.


As days passed Allahabad Bank, Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, Bank of Maharashtra & Central Bank of India invited applications from degree passouts as well creating an opportunity for everyone like me.


What questions were asked?

BOB was the finest interviews I have ever given & my final score is 95 marks (out of 100).


There were 3 members in the panel & my session lasted for half an hour.


Q. How long were you sitting outside?

Ans. Sir, about two hours.


Q. Have you chatted with the aspirants sitting outside & what did you notice in them?

Ans. Yes Sir, I have conversed with some people & the interesting thing that I found in them was, all have professional courses like MBA, B.E, Chartered Accountants, and Engineering.


Q. So what do you think? How will you compete with those guys, being a plain commerce graduate ?

Ans. Sir, Being a Commerce student I have an upper hand over them as they are aspiring to come into a field which is more related to commerce stream.


Q. So what were your subjects in Commerce?

Ans. I had Direct & Indirect Taxes, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Economics etc.


Q. Can you tell me what a Direct tax is?

Ans. Sir Taxes which are directly imposed on the people in the form of Income tax etc.


Q. What is VAT?

Ans. Value Added Tax


Q. Who charges VAT & where it goes finally?

Ans. While state Governments charge VAT , it finally goes to Central Govt.


Q. What is the concept of VAT?

Ans. It is a tax charged over the margin of the producer, wholesaler & retailer which is finally paid by the end user for a product.


Q. What is GDP & what is the meaning?

Ans. GDP is Gross Domestic Product & it means all goods & services that are produced in a country over a period of time.


Q. You are working as a clerk for Corporation Bank.Do you have any idea about latest trends in clearing system?

Ans. Yes Sir.It is Cheque Truncation & it is the concept wherein the image of a cheque is sent through mail to the other bank for faster clearance.


Q. Has your Bank started with the same system?

Ans. Sir, On a trial basis it has been started in parts of New Delhi.It may be implemented across the country by mid of 2013.


Q. What is Sales Tax?

Ans. Sorry Sir. I have gone through it but do not hold proper answer for the same.


Q. You have a good score. Which other PO interviews for PO have you attended?

Ans. Sir this is my second interview because prior to this I was not able to fill applications as most banks placed percentage criteria in graduation.


Q. Which interview you have given before this?

Ans. Sir it was Allahabad Bank


Q. So if you are given an option to join both the banks, which one will you prefer?

Ans. I would love to go with Bank of Baroda.


Q. If you are posted in any rural branch, are you ready for it?

Ans. Yes Sir I am ready for the same.


They wished me luck & shared some of their past experiences.It was enough for me to understand that they liked my performance & also saw some potential in me.


I would request all candidates who were not able to make it - Don’t loose hope. Fight till the end.


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manisha said...

thanks a lot dear,
u really inspired me as i also dnt having 60 % in grad n was loosing hope,will b grateful if u support me further,my id is manisha.twr@gmail.com

gurvinder singh said...

Is all conversation gone in english or we can use hindi?

Anonymous said...

gurvinder initially they start conversation in English but u can ask them for permission if they can ask u questions in hindi.....there is no harm in it .....sagar