SBI Clerk Interview Experience [Candidate Shares Questions]

sbi clerk interview questions,bank interview questions, what are common bank interview questions Interviews are conducted not only to assess your subject knowledge but also to measure an individual’s capacity to tackle situations. ‘I performed well but am not qualified is one’ – is one question candidates often ask us. But the truth is, there is no readymade formula to answer interview questions & especially in bank jobs where competition is high – every miniscule error can pull your marks down.


Then how can one prepare for bank interviews’ will be your next thought.


By reading through experiences of others you shall get familiar about the environment, common interview questions and their responses. So is why we are publishing one such session today.

Mr.Nellai mathivel, one of`s regular reader sent his SBI clerk interview experience held recently for other aspirants to benefit.

My interview was on September 4th at Madurai, Tamilnadu.In the panel there were are 4 members (including 1 lady)

On entering the room, I said ‘Good morning’ after which the interview started right away. The 1st question was from my subject (B.Com) itself


Q: What is the difference between trail balance & balance sheet?
A: Trail balance is just a rough balance made to check for any clerical mistake but a balance sheet reveals the company`s position in financial aspects.

Q: Can we know the profits of a company from its balance sheet?
A: No.Profit or loss of a company cant be known through their balance sheet but capital break-up can be found.

Q: What is bank rate & repo rate.How both differ?
A: Bank rate is rate of interest levied on long term loan obtained by commercial banks from RBI while repo rate is the rate of interest levied on short term loans.

Q. What is SLR & CRR? How SLR differs from CRR?
A: SLR is statutory liquidity ratio which is currently 23% that is banks must maintain 23%  of their balances as gold or securities.


CRR is Cash Reserve Ratio.It is presently 4.75% which means 4.75% of the funds should be maintained with RBI by banks.


The main difference is SLR can be kept in banks, CRR has to be parked with RBI.

Q: Do you often visit banks?

A: Yes

Q: In every bank, why does probationary officer verifies a transaction after entered by clerk?
A: This is to reduce any possibility of errors

Finally, all the members wish me ‘all the best’.I acknowledge them by saying ‘thanks’ & leave the room.


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VinKris said...

i am vinod from vadodara gujarat. I face below type of questions during sbi interview which was held on 3rd september at baroda.
What is nabard and its function. Why sbi, what is financial inclusion, kyc, money laundering, why nationalize of bank, branches of sbi, lead bank, micr, slbc, finance defintion, why banking sector. Net profit of sbi. Logo of sbi. What its reveal? What is microfinance?

Anupam Kawde said...

My interview was on 7th of sep,questions on neft and rtgs, mortgages, type of loans, swift code, hobbies are you the questions was a asked.