How To Choose Banks for IBPS Clerk Allotments [Explained]

bank clerk preference registration,how to register for clerk preference registrations Exams are over and scores have also been released.But the tension still remains for those eyeing clerical cadres jobs in public sector banks.While IBPS is on the verge of completing its common recruitment process for banking jobs, aspirants remain tensed on how to choose their order of preference for clerk recruitment allotment in banks


Over the past few days many were enquiring us on how to know the bank that offers good chance of getting selected.


Frankly speaking there is no definitive guide issued by banks or IBPS to predict chances or follow at the time of recording your preferences.


It all depends on your final combined scores declared by the institute last week.Your choice of organisation is secondary while merit would be looked first (a senior official at ibps said merit will followed by preference)


The probability for a top scorer to be allotted his/her 19th preference (considering previous prefs. as exhausted) is high compared to a low scoring candidate opting for the same bank as 1st choice.


Possible to Predict Chances?

Having explained the process above, it is natural for you ask ‘What are my chances’. But the real truth is prediction is simply impossible because of the primary reason - IBPS has not published any merit list or score ranges for us to analyze.


There are some more factors that one must understand before asking or advising others on their chances.See below to know what are they:


* Category-wise cutoffs

* Bank & State cutoffs

* Selected as PO

* Reservation quotas


We don’t know whether these cutoffs really exist.Even if they do nobody except the organisers would have access to them.


Then How to Register Preferences?

how to register clerk preferences,ibps bank clerks allotment procedure,how to submit preference for clerk allotments Does anyone know how many people are actually eligible to submit their order of preference? No.


Though some bank job related websites are running polls and surveys asking for qualifiers to share their scores, it won’t cover all candidates.

Moreover such results cannot be relied as votes aren’t verified.Those who did not appear for exams can also submit a score of 80.Ten such submissions can make the entire poll results flawed.

Then how can candidates register their preference for IBPS clerk recruitment in banks?


According to us, there are only two ways for qualifiers to finalize their preferences.

  1. Based on number of vacancies
  2. Based on liking 

Based on Vacancies:

In addition to the 38,000 clerk vacancies no. of available positions in each state & category for all 19 banks was given by IBPS last week.


Choose the bank with most no. of vacancies from that list as your first preference & the one with least posts as last preference.


Example: Uttar Pradesh has total of 5402 clerical vacancies.A person from general category has to compete for 2348 posts.


Going by the no. of gen. cat. seats, order preference in this method shall be Allahabad Bank (421), PNB (395), Bank of Baroda (310), Union Bank of India (228) & so on.The last options would be United Bank (8) & Vijaya bank (0)


Based on Likes:

Some of you might have some dream public sector banks to work.It could have been the driving force behind your efforts to appear for common exams.Some would want to join a bank that has sound financials, good growth rate etc.


You can complete the registration by taking into account factors as mentioned above (checkout most popular public sector banks in india). 


Finally, whichever bank you choose - clerk appointments shall happen within your state initially & would be asked to join in a local branch only.So your preferences need not be based on posting location.


Do you have a better idea or strategy for choosing the preferences? Voice it through the comment form below for others to also decide.

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