How to Fill Bank Preferences in IBPS Clerk 2016 Exam [Detailed Guide & List]

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The online registration process to apply for IBPS clerk 2016 exam has begun and the links will remain open till September 12.You are required to choose their preferred bank to work before submitting. How to fill IBPS clerk 2016 bank preferences will be one question that many of you will have at this time.So here is the detailed list of the order of preference for clerk jobs allotment in banks.


According to IBPS clerk 2016 notification, 19,243 clerk job vacancies are to be filled for 2017-18 in public sector banks.


Depending on the final scores in this clerical recruitment exercise (test & interview), IBPS shall automatically allot you to banks based on your preference.


How does bank preferences work?

You are allotted to a bank based on your chosen preferences, if your final total score is high & there are sufficient no. of vacancies in that particular bank.


Example: Incase the bank in your 1st preference has filled all posts in a particular state with top scorers, your 2nd preferred bank will be considered.If that option is also complete, your 3rd choice is looked.


The allotment cycle goes in the preference order you had given at the time of application registration.


It is why you should be careful in selecting the bank you wish to work as you cannot change the preferences later.


How to Fill IBPS Clerk Preferences?

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The job profile of clerk is confined within the branch only as they are responsible for collecting & dispensing cash to customers.That is the reason why they are also called as single window operator (cashier).


Just because they are required to interact with visitors, candidates applying for clerk posts are required to posses proficiency in the local language (able to read, write & speak) of that specific state.


Based on your State: The job location of clerks will be within a state where you to choose to appear for the online test.Hence you need not worry of getting posted in another state.


Mostly, banks have large no. of branches in the state where its head office is located. Therefore here is a table that will help you with the banks & their head office location.


There is no head office in my state.What to do?

There are some states where no head office is present.


Candidates from such areas can submit their preferences based on nearby states, popularity of the bank & employees feedback.


IBPS Clerk Preferences List

For better understanding, we are providing you with 4 preferences lists of banks to choose depending on your state location.


North Zone: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir


South Zone: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep & Puducherry


Candidates belonging to the above states may register their IBPS bank clerk preferences in this following order.


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West Zone: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh


East Zone: Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Maipur, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh etc.,


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These lists are prepared after taking into account the state-wise & bank-wise vacancies in addition to bank`s image, size & business growth.


Doubts about IBPS Clerk Bank Preferences:

It is natural for many to still have doubts related to registering preferences for IBPS clerk 2016.We have compiled some of your common questions that should answer you.


Can I apply for any state where I don't stay?

Yes.You can apply for any clerical vacancies in any state.


But, it is necessary to know the official language of that particular state.You must be able to read, write & speak that state`s regional/ official language.


Banks will test your language proficiency before appointment.All those who fail to qualify in it shall have their selection cancelled.


Recommended: See the list of official languages of each state to decide on which place to apply


Will I be transferred to other states?

No.For clerk jobs, the transfers would be only with your home state only & not outside of it.


I am still confused about preferences.What shall I do?

After looking at the various options available, few candidates will not be satisfied.Here is what we wish to tell such people.

For the post of clerk, there is no big difference that you can find between banks as the job profile, salary, allowances etc., are almost similar across public sector banks.

Whichever bank you choose - clerk appointments shall happen within your state initially & would be asked to join in a local branch only.


This guide on how to give bank preferences for IBPS clerk 2016 should enable you to choose the list more easily & complete the registration process.Click here to know about IBPS clerk 2016 exam notification for 19,000 vacancies.

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