IBPS PO 2015 Expected Final Cutoffs & Selection Chances

ibps po prelims 2015,how to check ibps cwe po results,IBPS PO Prelims CutoffsThe IBPS PO 2015 recruitment has virtually come to an end ever since the completion of interviews in February 2016.The only thing remaining is allotment of candidates based on their final score.As the bank preferences were already registered, all eyes on the final cutoffs based on which IBPS will release the merit list.The million dollar question now is – What will be the IBPS PO 2015 (V) expected cutoffs?


Before going into detail about the cutoffs, lets first see what IBPS had mentioned about the common interviews & marks distribution.


IBPS PO - Scoring Methods

The IBPS PO 2015 selection process consisted of a preliminary exam & only those who qualified in it were able to appear for the main exams.


* Total marks for IBPS PO Main Exam – 200


The main exams were held in October 2015 & results also were released soon.Here are the PO 2015 mains cutoff scores set by IBPS:

  • General: 76
  • OBC: 76
  • SC: 50
  • ST: 47.75

How many number of candidates qualified in IBPS PO Main Exam?

Approximately 40,800 qualified in IBPS PO mains & were invited for the interviews.


* Total marks alloted for Interviews – 100


The minimum mark to qualify in interviews shall be

  • 40% & above for general category
  • 35% & above for SC/ST/OBC/PWD

It means the interview stage will also have certain cutoff marks.If a candidate fails in interview, he/ she would be disqualified from the entire selection process.


Calculating the Final Cutoffs

To calculate the combined final scores, IBPS provides weightage to main exam & interview in the ratio of 80:20 respectively.

  • Your main exam score out of 200 will be converted for 80
  • Interview marks out of 100 will be reduced for 20

[ (Main exam score / 200) x 80 + (Interview marks / 100) x 20 ] = Final combined score


Here are the IBPS PO Expected Final cutoffs (for 100) which was calculated using above formula,






47 - 50

43 - 47

34 - 36



We have given the ranges taking into account the possible number of vacancies for PO 2015.


Impact of Vacancies:  For IBPS PO 2014, 16721 PO vacancies were announced. When looking at interview scores for last year, it was between 16 – 14, after converting for 20 marks.

The number of PO vacancies for IBPS PO 2015 may be around may be around 13,000 – 14,000 only, which is less than previous year.

Assuming the panel had given similar minimum interview marks this time too, the above combined cutoff scores are possible.


How are you saying that only 13,000 PO jobs would be created?

IBPS had shortlisted 40,763 candidates for interviews.So going by the ratio of 1:3, there could be 13,587 PO vacancies for this year.

Incase they had taken a ratio of 1:4, there would be only 10,190 jobs & final cutoffs could go high.

But there is a high chance for the institute to follow the 1:3 ratio only.


What is My Chance of Selection?

Having read all the above possible situations, now you know about the IBPS PO 2015 expected final cutoffs.


With only main exam marks in hand, most of you might be wondering on how to determine your chance of final selection.


I have scored 76 – 85 in Main Exam: These people need to have performed really well in Interview because only then you will be able to reach the final cutoff.


Your interview marks (out of 100) should be atleast above 90.See the working below:

  • 90 marks in Interview – 18 (out of 20)
  • 76 marks in mains – 30.4 (out of 80)
  • Total final score – 48.4

As 48.4 is within the expected cutoff range, you can be hopeful of getting into the merit list.


Candidates between 76 – 85 should have done expectionally well in Interview to impress the panel.Only then, they could award you 90 marks.


Above 96: Because of your good marks in mains, there is good chance for you to get selected but your interview performance should be atleast average & not worst.


Incase your interview did not get well, whatever be your main exam marks, your final score shall also go lower thereby drastically reducing your chances of selection.


Will I surely get a PO job in bank if my score is above the cutoff?

IBPS will prepare a merit list of candidates based on their final combined scores starting from the topper.Only those candidates who rank in that list will get allotments.


In simple words, the top 13,000 or 14,000 candidates shall get appointed in any of the govt bank (according to their preference).


If a candidate is ranking at 21,000 level, he/ she wont get allotment.They have to try harder in the next IBPS bank exams.

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